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Akiles FlexiCloser Automatic Wire Closer


The Akiles FlexiCloser closing machine will automatically detect your wire size and adjust the closing pressure accordingly, so there are no confusing or time-consuming dials to manually adjust. This feature is called Smart-Detect, and it is unique to the FlexiCloser. To use this electric wire closer, simply place your wire on the hanger to insert your book pages. Then place your wire, with the pages included and the "C" opening facing back, against the backing of the machine. The backing has a strong magnet and rough texture to firmly hold your wire in place before and during closing, so you don't have to hassle with slipping wire or re-adjustments. Then use the LCD controls to activate the closer; it will automatically detect your wire size and will apply the proper amount of pressure to close the wire into a perfect circle around your pages. A safety sensor helps keep your operators protected. Also available is an optional mounting kit that allows the FlexiCloser to be mounted onto the FlexiPunch-E machine. Eliminate all of the hassle normally associated with wire closing when you buy the Akiles FlexiCloser automatic wire closer online.


Product Description


The Akiles FlexiCloser is a heavy-duty electric wire closer with a Smart-Detect feature that allows the machine to automatically detect the wire size and adjust the closing pressure accordingly. It features the industry's first smart-detect system, LCD control panel, safety sensor and a magnetic back that helps hold the Wire-O in place during the closing process, eliminating errors. The FlexiCloser can be purchased with an optional mount that allows the machine to be mounted on top of the FlexiPunch Modular machine. The Akiles FlexiCloser is easy to use; just place your wire against the magnetic back with your sheets inserted and press the start button. The FlexiCloser automatically lowers the closer to the proper pressure for the wire size inserted. The LCD control panel's touch sensitive buttons make it easy to operate the machine. The built-in safety sensor ensures risk-free, injury-free operation. It comes with an auto reverse function to prevent jams. The Akiles FlexiCloser is the first smart machine that automatically detects and closes wires and will work will all wire sizes ranging from 3/16" to 1-1/2" in both 3:1 and 2:1 pitch.


Manufacturer Akiles Products Inc
Manufacturer Part Number AFC
Suggested User Large Office
Binding Style Wire-O Binding
Operation: Binding Electric
Compatible Supplies & Accessories Wire-O® Twin-Loop Binding Supplies
Dimensions 15-1/4" L x 12-3/4" D x 9" H
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year Limited
Punch & Bind Capability No; Bind Only
Maximum Binding Edge 11" (Letter Size)
Shipping Weight (lbs) 31

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