Letter Size 3-Ring Plastic Binder Mechanisms (Box of 150) (Discontinued)
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Letter Size 3-Ring Plastic Binder Mechanisms (Box of 150) (Discontinued)

Sorry, but Letter Size 3-Ring Plastic Binder Mechanisms (Box of 150) (Discontinued) is no longer available to buy.

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Brand: Binding101
FAQ: 2 Questions, 2 Answers
  • Feature 3-rings with traditional ring spacing of 4 1/4" between each ring.
  • Made of a durable metal material.
  • Sheet Capacity: 200 Sheets
  • Stack Capacity: 5/8" Thick Stack
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Our three-ring plastic binder mechanisms come in a 1" round ring size and are available in either black, blue, gray, or off-white. Plastic ring binder hardware is sized for standard letter size 8 ½" x 11" paper and features two boosters to allow for easy ring opening and closing. With traditional 4 ¼" spacing between these rings, they can be used with any standard 3-hole punch. Although made primarily of a thick, durable resin plastic, the backing of these ring binder parts is made of metal for added stability and strength. They work great for anyone who is looking for the convenience of a 3 ring binder mechanism, but wants a different look and style than traditional metal 3 ring mechanisms. You can use them with binder rivets and a rivet setter tool to make your own ring binders, or use them to make swatch books or for other crafts. Plastic binder spines offer a unique alternative to traditional metal spines, and are sold in cases of 150 pieces. Buy letter size 3-ring plastic binder mechanisms online today.


ManufacturerUS Ring
Manufacturer Part NumberRINGMECHSPLA GRP
Quantity150 Mechanisms
Sheet SizeLetter Size [8 ½" W x 11" H]
Number of Rings3-Rings
Ring Spacing4 ¼" Between Rings [Center to Center]
Ring Diameter1"
Ring ShapeRound Ring
Sheet Capacity* [Stack Thickness]225 Sheets [5/8" Thick Stack]
Base Length11-3/8" Overall (11-1/16" Metal Back)
Base Width3/4"
Rivet Hole Diameter3/16"
Rivet Hole Spacing (Center to Center)9-9/16"
Rivet Hole Position (From Edge of Mechanism to Start of Hole)13/16"


If you've been searching for plastic ring binder spines, you've come to the right place! Binding101 stocks a selection of plastic binder mechanisms in several colors, including black, gray, off-white, and blue. The plastic is not flexible; it is a thick and durable resin that can withstand heavy usage. For added durability, the backing is made of metal.

The rings on these binder spines are 1" in diameter, which is rated to hold approximately 225 sheets of standard 20 lb. copy paper, or about a 5/8" thick stack of materials. They feature three rings that are spaced 4 ¼" apart from each other, which is the standard US spacing for letter size 8 ½" wide by 11" high paper. That means you can use them with any of our standard 3-hole punches, and pair them with full size index tabs.

Whether using these unique plastic ring hardware pieces to make unique custom binders, or for journals and notebooks, they make a great choice for anyone who wants the functionality and strength of traditional 3-ring letter size binder mechanisms, but with a modern twist. Consider using them with binder rivets and a rivet setter tool to attach them to material of your choice.

The best way to measure the capacity for a ring binder or ring binder mechanism is to use a stack thickness. To do so, allow your entire stack of paper, tabs, etc. to lay flat, without pressing them down, and measure the height of the stack. We also list an approximate sheet capacity, however, because there are so many different kinds of papers and paper thicknesses, this is a less accurate method of determining capacity. The sheet capacity below is based on standard 20 lb. copy paper alone.

Ring SizeColors AvailableSheet Capacity*Stack Capacity*
1"Black, Off-White, Gray, Blue200 Sheets5/8" Thick Stack


* Specifications are approximations and may very depending on paper stock and other factors.


Plastic Ring Binder Mechanism Spines Overview

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Plastic ring binder mechanisms combine the functionality of a ring binding spine with more options for colors, as well as a more unique look.

Made of ABS resin, these plastic binder ring parts are available in a 1” ring capacity and in either black, navy blue, gray, or an off-white beige.

Their peg-and-hole closure is unique for binders, and ensures the rings stay shut until you open them with the boosters on the end.

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Plastic ring binder mechanisms combine the functionality of a ring binding spine with more options for colors, as well as a more unique look.

Made of ABS resin, these plastic binder ring parts are available in a 1” ring capacity and in either black, navy blue, gray, or an off-white beige.

Their peg-and-hole closure is unique for binders, and ensures the rings stay shut until you open them with the boosters on the end.

Although primarily made of this plastic, the back does have a metal plate for added strength.

Pair these ring binder spines with rivets to make your own binders or planners. They are sized for standard letter size documents and paper

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Expert Reviewer: Mallory, Editor at Binding101Expert Product Review: 3-Ring Plastic Binder Mechanisms  by Mallory Morsa
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Plastic Binder Mechanism + 3-Ring Binder Parts Expert Review by Mallory Morsa


These plastic ring binder mechanisms are unique in their manufacturing and material, however, are primarily used by the same kinds of customers as our traditional letter size metal mechanisms. This includes businesses, such as manufacturing plants, industrial supply, government and military institutions, furniture and fabric stores, and more. They are used to make custom 3-ring binders, as well as for a variety of other unique applications; the limitations of binder spines are really determined by the limitations of your imagination.

Because ring binder mechanisms are just the spine piece alone, they offer a lot of versatility to completely customize your application to your specific needs. Whether you are using them to make custom ring binders, or for more unique binder mechanism crafts, they really aren’t limited by much, giving you complete control.

The plastic on these mechanisms makes them different than most other options, which offers a more distinctive look. To add even more differentiation from basic mechanisms, they also come in four stocked colors, including a deep navy blue, black, medium-dark gray, and off-white / cream. The navy blue mechanism would make a beautiful addition to US Navy ring binders.

They are not made 100% of plastic, and actually feature a metal base. This ensures strength and stability for the mechanisms, so they can withstand the test of time. The boosters on each end make it easy to open the rings without mis-aligning them (which can happen sometimes if you pull the rings open by hand). These letter size mechanisms have 2 holes for binder rivets so you can make a straight and strong bond to chipboard covers, or any other material of your choice.

They work well the standard letter size paper, which is the most common size used in the US, measuring 8 ½” x 11”. Because they are only bound on 11" end, and because they don’t need a machine to bind, you can actually bind any size material that is 11” on the binding edge…so make a calendar that is 11” x 22”, top-bound on the 11” edge, or anything else you can think of. They also have standard hole spacing, so you can punch the holes with any regular 3-hole punch like the ones available here.

The pricing is fairly reasonable per piece when you consider that plastic ring binder mechanisms can be difficult to find, let alone to find them for less than $5 each. This pricing of less than $2 each is made possible because we sell them in full case quantities of 150 mechanisms.

That case quantity keeps the pricing fairly low, however, does eliminate some potential users because we cannot break the cases to sell smaller amounts. 150 mechanisms is the smallest quantity we can sell and is a per-color minimum, so we cannot mix colors to get you a total assorted box of 150.

While the metal base makes them very durable, this does eliminate their potential to be used in prisons and other facilities that have an all-plastic requirement. For these users, we recommend poly case binders, or even simple plastic binding rings or snap lock screw posts.

As is true with all binder mechanisms, sometimes setting the rivets can be tedious or difficult. It requires strength and endurance to do them by hand with the rivet setter tool, which is used by everyone who does not have an automatic rivet setter in their manufacturing plant. Before you buy binder mechanisms, keep this in mind and possibly consider our quality  pre-made binders as an alternative.

While there are 4 colors to choose from, which is more variety than any other mechanisms, I still personally feel like there should be more and/or different options. I love the navy and black especially, but would also love to see more variety and brighter (or maybe even pastel) colors. Or even a simple pure white option, instead of just the off-white/creamy color. In addition, they only come in one ring size, which is a 1” round ring that is capable of holding up to 225 sheets of paper, or about a 5/8” thick stack of materials.

Although limited by the ring size, the multiple color options and fact that they hold standard letter size paper make these plastic binder mechanisms quite versatile. They work well for all kinds of businesses and applications, and are manufactured with a blend of both plastic and metal materials for durability. They are sold in full case quantities only and can sometimes be difficult to bind when doing them without an automatic rivet setter. But they definitely have their place in the custom binder industry, and are most commonly purchased by manufacturing facilities and production plants.

Frequent Asked Questions

Are these made completely of plastic?
Asked by Customer

While the facing, rings, and boosters are all made of a hard plastic, the backing is made of metal. Some all-plastic alternative options include plastic loose leaf rings, plastic screw posts, and case binders.

Answer by Binding101
Do you have more ring sizes?
Asked by Customer

Plastic ring mechanisms are only manufactured with a 1" ring at this time. If more sizes are available in the future, they will be added to this page.

Answer by Binding101

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