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Copier tabs are blank index dividers that are meant to be printed on in-house by most standard copiers found in businesses and offices. They are available in different collations, or orders-of-tab, depending on your printer requirements. They are also available in plain uncoated or mylar coated for extra durability, as well as with no punching or with 3-hole punching, prepped for ring binders. Whatever style of copier tab dividers you need, you can find them at Binding101.

  • Uncollated - Index tabs that are uncollated are sold based on the position (or location) of the tab. For example, position 1 tabs are at the top of the sheet. This lack of collation may be required for certain printing jobs, and allows you to print all of the same tab, then reload the copier with position two tabs and print all of those. Once printed, you can always run the tabs through a collator to get them in ordered sets and ready for placement into your ring binder. Uncollated printable tabs are a 1/5 cut on a letter size sheet, so the tabs are 2" long and five fit and are visible along the edge, once they are arranged into a set.

  • Straight Collated - Straight collation means that the sets of tabs are in 1-2-3 order, so the first sheet on the top of the set has the tab at the top of the page, in descending order. Straight collated index tabs are available in various cuts (or tab sizes) from 1/3 cut (3-5/16" long tabs) to 1/10 cut (1" long tabs). Straight collated tabs are not as popular as other options, so are made to order and require an average of about 5 business days to produce.

  • Reverse Collated - Reverse collation is the opposite of straight collation, with the tab order being in 3-2-1 order. This means that the top page in the set actually has the tab on the bottom, and the last page has the tab on the top. This reversed order is the most common option, likely due to the wide compatibility.

  • Double Reverse Collated - Double reversed is similar to reverse in that it is in 3-2-1 order however, there are two tabs in a position. For example, the top page and 2nd page both have tabs at the bottom of the sheet, the 3rd and 4th pages both have tabs in the second to last position. etc.

  • Shop by Tab Coating - Copier tab dividers are available in plain paper/uncoated or a mylar coated option. Mylar is a clear or colored laminate coating that is applied to the tab extension, drastically increasing the durability of the tabs to prevent tearing at the most sensitive/handles part of the page. Because tabs are made of heavy index stock in either 90# or 110#, they are already a tear-resistant strength, but the added mylar coating option makes them incredibly long-lasting. The colored mylar also lets you color-code the various sections of your dividers, which is ideal for some groups to organize the paperwork.

  • Shop by Tab Cut - "Tab cut" refers to how many tabs are visible when arranged in a set and, therefore, also the length of the tab itself. A 1/5 cut (pronounced "one-fifth"), which is the most popular option, has 5 tabs visible in the set and each tab is 2" long for letter size pages. No matter the cut of the tabs, they are always 1/2" wide, but the length or height itself adjusts as the cut changes. So a 1/3 cut is 3-5/16" long, a 1/4 cut is 2-1/2", a 1/6 cut is 1-11/16", a 1/8 cut is 1-1/4", and a 1/10 cut is 1" long. Some less popular, specialty cuts include 1/2 cut, 1/7 cut, 1/9 cut, and 1/12 cut.

Shop our wide variety of mylar coated copier tabs below. All of them feature the premium mylar coating on the tab extension, which improves the already impressive strength of durably of our index stock dividers. The laminate is on both sides of the tab itself, and doesn't hinder its ability to be printed on with most copier machines. Some mylars are even available in colors for easier filing and organizing.

Mylar copier tabs are available in various collations (or tab orders), including reverse, straight, uncollated, and double reverse collated. Which you choose will depend on the machine you have and the compatibility, however, the most common collation is a reverse (or single reverse). They are also available in several cuts (or tab sizes) from 1/3 cut (3-5/16" long tabs) to 1/10 cut (1" long tabs), as well as some specialty cuts, such as 1/2, 1/7, 1/9, and 1/12. Some options also come in either a 90# or 110# index stock, so you can choose from durable paper to ultra-durable paper. And you can even choose whether you want unpunched or 3-hole punched to eliminate that manual step.

Whatever style of durable, mylar index tabs you need, Binding101 can help; call us at (866) 537-2244 if you need help.

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