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Custom Ring Binders


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Ready to impress your clients and staff with a unique display product? Buy custom ring binders online from Binding101. We offer only the best custom printed binders in a variety of styles including custom vinyl, custom poly plastic binders, custom turned edge premium binders, and even custom eco-friendly binders. Our large production plants can produce binders in the USA with special sheet sizes, unique materials, a large selection of ring sizes, and with customization as simple as 1 color to a full color printed binder - we can do it all! This makes Binding101 a number one choice for custom binders for businesses and organizations of all kinds. With minimum order requirements starting at just 50 binders (some styles require higher minimums), and bulk price discounts for higher quantities, let us be your source for custom binders. Add printed index tabs for a fully customized filing solution.

Minimum Order Requirement: 50 Binders
(Some styles require higher minimums)

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Product Description

Here at Binding101, we can produce custom-made ring binders with nearly limitless options. From the material the binder is made of, the overall color of the binder, the kind of printing desires, and the binder size itself, we can create a one-of-a-kind organizational piece to meet your demands, whatever they may be. We have several large production plants in the United States, so you can buy the best custom binders at Binding101 and receive them quickly. Our minimum order requirements start at just 50 custom binders, and as more are ordered bulk pricing is applied to save you money. When you buy custom ring binders from Binding101, we can save you money and time without sacrificing quality. Take a look at the binder chart below describing the different kinds of binder materials we offer to choose what is best for your needs. Then call our knowledgeable sales staff at (866) 537-2244 to request your custom quote. Don't forget to ask about custom printed index tab dividers as well.

① Choose your binder type and quantity needed:

    Binder Type         Vinyl Binders       
Vinyl Binder Sample   
    Poly Binders       
   Poly Binder Sample
    Turned Edge Binders       
   Turned Edge Binder Sample
    Eco-Friendly Binders       
   Eco-Friendly Binder Sample
    Minimum Order       50 Binders       100 Binders       100 Binders       250 Binders  
    Benefits     • Vinyl wrapped around thick chipboard   
    • Durable    
    • Variety of materials available   
  • Available in easel styles   
    • Very durable plastic material  
    • Waterproof
    • Economically priced   
    • Polyethylene or Polypropylene   
    • Different thicknesses available   
     20, 23, 30, 35, 55, 75 Gauge   
     [Most Flexible - Most Rigid]   
    • Upscale appeal   
    • Huge variety of materials,   
      or even use your own   
    • "Green" solution   
    • Ink is even eco-friendly   
    • Different thicknesses available   
     from flexible to rigid   


②  Choose a sheet size and ring size / style:

This chart shows some of the most popular sheet sizes and ring configurations available. We can also create custom sheet sizes and special-order rings to meet your needs.

    Popular Sheet Sizes       Letter Size Sheets   
   8 ½" W x 11" H with 3-Holes   
   Letter Size Paper is 8.5" W x 11" H with 3 Holes   
   Half Size Sheets   
   5 ¹/₂" W x 8 ¹/₂" H with 3-Holes   
   Half Size Page measures 5.5" W x 8.5" H with 3 holes   
   Memo Size Sheets   
   6" W x 4" H with 6-Holes   
   Memo Size Pages are 6" H x 4" W with 6-holes   
   Legal Size Sheets   
   8 ½" W x 14" H with 3-Holes   
   Legal Size Pages are 8.5" W x 14" H with 3 holes   
   Ring Spacing    4 ¼" Between Rings   
   [Center to Center]   
   2 ¾" Between Rings   
   [Center to Center]   
   Two Groups of 3 Rings   
   3/4" Between Rings   
   1 ½" Between Groups   
   4 ¼" Between Rings   
   [Center to Center]   
   (Uses Boosterless Letter Size Mechanisms)
    Ring Styles      Round Ring or Slant-D Ring   
   Round Ring & Slant-D Style Available   
   Round Ring or Slant-D Ring   
   Round Ring & Slant-D Style Available   
   Round Ring   
   Round Ring Style Available   
   Round Ring or Slant-D Ring   
   Round Ring & Slant-D Style Available   
   Ring Sizes    Round: 1/2" to 3"   
   Slant-D: 1" to 4"
   Round: 1/2" to 2"   
   Slant-D: 1" to 2"
   Round: 1/2" to 1"       Round: 1/2" to 3"   
   Slant-D: 1" to 4"


③ Choose your binder color:

We have a huge variety of binder colors to choose from, as well as a variety of shades for each; we even offer semi-translucent tints for polypropylene binders. When you speak to our custom binder specialists, mention what kind of color you would like and we can show you the variety of options for your selected binder style. For example, if you ask for blue vinyl binder, we can send you images of the different blues we offer, and may be able to even send you physical samples of the material as well.


④ Choose your Printing:

Here at Binding101 we offer a huge selection of customization options including printing with several different inks, foil stamping for a metallic appeal, and debossing (or creating an impression). We can even combine some of these options together; such as creating a deboss and adding 1 color printing on top of it. Please note that debossing is only available for vinyl binders, and is only recommended when ordering a padded binder or a specialty vinyl that is thick enough to accept the impression. Ask our sales team for these options. We can also add spot coatings to create a gloss or matted affect on only specific parts of the binder. The custom binder printing options truly are almost endless!

   1, 2, or 3 Color Printing      
   1 Color Printing Binder Sample   
   4 Color Spot Printing   
   4 Color Spot Printing Binder Sample   
   Printed Entrapment   
   Entrapment + Embedement Binder Sample   
   4 Color Process or Digital   
   [Full Color Printing]   
   4 Color Process + Full Color Printed Binder Sample   
   Foil Stamping   
   Metallic Foil Stamped Binder Sample   
   Blind Deboss   
   Blind Deboss Binder Sample   




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Color Custom
Product Type Ring Binders
Type: Binders Custom Binders

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