Binder Rivets (Pack of 100)
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Binder Rivets (Pack of 100)

Brand: Binding101
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  • Work perfectly with our ring binder mechanisms and rivet setting tool.
  • Material: Steel
  • Post Diameter: 3/16"
  • Head Diameter: 3/8"

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Product NameItem NumberPriceQty
3/16" Silver Binder Rivets (100/Pk) Item#11RIVET316S11RIVET316S
3/16" Black Binder Rivets (100/Pk) Item#11RIVET316B11RIVET316B
3/16" White Binder Rivets (100/Pk) Item#11RIVET316W11RIVET316W
1/4" Silver Binder Rivets (100/Pk) Item#11RIVET14S11RIVET14S
1/4" Black Binder Rivets (100/Pk) Item#11RIVET14B11RIVET14B
1/4" White Binder Rivets (100/Pk) Item#11RIVET14W11RIVET14W
3/8" Silver Binder Rivets (100/Pk) Item#11RIVET38S11RIVET38S
3/8" Black Binder Rivets (100/Pk) Item#11RIVET38B11RIVET38B
3/8" White Binder Rivets (100/Pk) Item#11RIVET38W11RIVET38W
7/16" Silver Binder Rivets (100/Pk) Item#11RIVET716S11RIVET716S
7/16" Black Binder Rivets (100/Pk) Item#11RIVET716B11RIVET716B
7/16" White Binder Rivets (100/Pk) Item#11RIVET716W11RIVET716W
1/2" Silver Binder Rivets (100/Pk) Item#11RIVET12S11RIVET12S
1/2" Black Binder Rivets (100/Pk) Item#11RIVET12B11RIVET12B
1/2" White Binder Rivets (100/Pk) Item#11RIVET12W11RIVET12W
9/16" Silver Binder Rivets (100/Pk) Item#11RIVET916S11RIVET916S
9/16" Black Binder Rivets (100/Pk) Item#11RIVET916B11RIVET916B
9/16" White Binder Rivets (100/Pk) Item#11RIVET916W11RIVET916W
5/8" Silver Binder Rivets (100/Pk) Item#11RIVET58S11RIVET58S
5/8" Black Binder Rivets (100/Pk) Item#11RIVET58B11RIVET58B
5/8" White Binder Rivets (100/Pk) Item#11RIVET58W11RIVET58W
5/16" White Binder Rivets (100/Pk) Item#11RIVET516W11RIVET516W
5/16" Silver Binder Rivets (100/Pk)11RIVET516S


Combine these rivets with ring binder mechanisms, a rivet setting tool and your own covers of choice to create your own binders. Push your rivet of choice through your cover and then through the mechanism, making sure that the flat face is on the outside of your cover. Then use the setter tool and a hammer to wrap the rivet, binding it to the top of your mechanism. Be sure to use an extremely strong and hard surface as your base, otherwise the rivet may not set properly. Buy binder rivets online in several sizes, depending on your cover thickness, as well as in either white, black or silver, all packaged with 100 pieces per bag.


Manufacturer Part NumberBINDERRIVETS GRP
Quantity100 Pieces
Post LengthChoose from 7/16" or 9/16"
Post Diameter3/16"
Head Diameter3/8"
Shipping Weight (lbs)2


With our binder rivets, you can make your own binders and so much more! They work perfectly with our ring binder mechanisms and rivet setting tool. Simple to use, just place the rivet through the back of your cover and mechanism, so the open end is on the inside of your mechanism. Then place the rivet setter tool onto the open end on the inside, and hit it hard with a hammer; if possible, in one, swift blow. The impact turns the rivet post in on itself, securing it to the mechanism firmly.

To choose a rivet for ring binders, first determine what the ring size is of the mechanism you are using. Note whether it is larger than 1 ½". Now place the mechanism on top of your intended cover. This cover should include the chipboard (or other pre-punched rigid material you are using) as well as any fabric or paper that is wrapped around it. Measure the thickness of the assembled piece at the hole, which includes the entire cover and the mechanism base itself. If the ring size of your mechanism is 1 ½" or smaller, then add 1/4" (4/16") to that measurement to determine the recommended rivet size. If the ring size of your mechanism is larger than 1 ½", then add 3/8" (6/16") to the measurement.

You can buy binder rivets online at Binding101 in several sizes and colors, including traditional silver, black, or white. The silver and black rivets are a solid color all the way through, while the white rivets have a white painted head, but a silver post. Since the post is hidden once bound, white is the only color you see. Every color and size is packaged into bags of 100. Since most binder mechanisms need two rivets for each piece, this means you can bind up to 50 binders with one bag of rivets.

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How do I choose the right size?
Asked by Customer

To choose the best rivet size for your project, we recommend placing the ring mechanism on top of your cover and measure the total thickness at the hole (including your chipboard, covers, and the mechanism base itself). Now add between 1/4" and 3/8" to that thickness and choose a rivet as close to that measurement as possible (rounding up). For example: 3/10" thick materials (0.3) + 1/4" (0.25) = 11/20" (0.55). A 9/16" rivet is 0.56", so that is the best choice. If you need help, or you don't see the size you calculated, call us at (866)537-2244 as we do have more sizes available.

Answer by Binding101

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