3/8" Blue Spiral-O Wire Combs [19 Loop] (100 / Box) - Clearance Sale
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3/8" Blue Spiral-O Wire Combs [19 Loop] (100 / Box) - Clearance Sale

Item #: 12N038BLUE
Brand: James Burn
  • Available in select colors and sizes.
  • Have the perfect hole spacing to fit with your plastic GBC comb punch machine.
  • Featuring 19 double loops for your letter size 8.5" x 11" paper.
  • 11" Long
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CLEARANCE SALE - Available Only While Supplies Last
Save big when you buy clearance Spiral-O binding supplies online at Binding101. We're overstocked, so select colors and sizes of this unique twin loop wire binding spine are currently on closeout sale so you can save as much as 80% off retail. But this discount pricing is only available while supplies last, so don't delay. Spiral-O bindings are similar to the the more traditional Wire-O, however, have a 19-loop hole spacing that is meant to fit in your plastic GBC comb punching pattern instead. This gives users of a plastic comb machine the versatility to also bind with wire, without having to invest in a new machine with a different punch pattern. All you need is a wire closer to finish the bind. Spiral-O wire binding combs are more modern and professional-looking than plastic combs, and they add a look of expense, without costing you an arm and a leg.
Don't see the size or color you need? It may not be on clearance right now. Click here to see the full selection of Spiral-O wire available.
How to Bind with Spiral-O Wire
   ① Punch your pages with your plastic comb punch machine (or use pre-punched comb paper)
   ② Insert Spiral-O wire into the holes
   ③ Close the wire with a wire closer (such as the Durawire)


ManufacturerJames Burn
Manufacturer Part NumberSPIRALOCLEAR-GRP
Compatible Supplies & Accessories19-Hole Pre-Punched Paper
19-Hole Pre-Punched Clear (Front) Covers
19-Hole Pre-Punched Vinyl (Back) Covers
Compatible EquipmentPlastic Comb Punch Machines
Wire Closers
Binding StyleSpiral-O Wire Combs
Sheet SizeLetter Size [8 ½" W x 11" H]
Number of Rings19 Rings
Length11" Long


Find the best clearance pricing on Spiral-O binding spines here at Binding101. These select colors and sizes are only available while supplies last, and can save you up as much as about 80% off regular retail pricing. Spiral-O wire binder combs are conveniently separated with chip board strips to keep the spines from getting tangled. They have the perfect hole spacing to fit with your plastic GBC comb punch machine, featuring 19 double loops for your letter size 8.5" x 11" paper. This means you don't have to buy a different machine to achieve the elegant and clean look of a wire-bound book; all you need is a wire closer to finish the bind.

Spiral-O Binding Capacity Chart:

Follow these 3 simple steps to get the Spiral-O wire spine in the perfect diameter for your specific book thickness. Note that since these Spiral-O wires are on clearance, not all sizes will be available on this page. Visit our standard Spiral-O binding supplies page for the full selection available.
  1. Take the entire book (pages and covers) you want to bind and lay it flat on a table
  2. Without pressing down on that stack, measure the thickness of the stack
  3. Add 1/8" to that measurement-- this is the recommended binding spine size for your document thickness
Spiral-O Wire DiameterPitch (Loops on 11" Edge)Sheet Capacity*Book Thickness*Quantity / Box
1/4"19 Loop11-25 Sheets1/8"100 Wires / Box
5/16"19 Loop26-45 Sheets3/16"100 Wires / Box
3/8"19 Loop46-65 Sheets1/4"100 Wires / Box
7/16"19 Loop66-80 Sheets5/16"100 Wires / Box
1/2"19 Loop81-100 Sheets3/8"100 Wires / Box
9/16"19 Loop101-120 Sheets7/16"100 Wires / Box
5/8"19 Loop121-145 Sheets1/2"100 Wires / Box
3/4"19 Loop146-165 Sheets5/8"100 Wires / Box
7/8"19 Loop166-185 Sheets3/4"100 Wires / Box
1"19 Loop186-210 Sheets7/8"100 Wires / Box

*Sheet capacity determined using 20 lb. bond paper. Capacity may vary depending on paper stock, covers, and other materials being bound. For the best fit / most accurate recommendation, use the book thickness column instead.

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