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Rapid 106 Electric Saddle Stapler

Item #: 04LWW106

With a high capacity of up to 40 sheets of 20 lb. bond copy paper, and the ability to staple in both flat and saddle modes, the Rapid 106 electric stapler offers the versatility your office needs. It clamps easily onto any desktop for a secure and steady workstation and features a see-through safety shield that prevents the stapler from operating when open, protecting your users, while allowing for easy viewing of the staple mechanism. There is no complicated threading, staples this saddle stapler are inserted just as with a normal desktop stapler. It features adjustable side guides for precise staple placement in both flat and saddle modes, and has a impact control dial on the back of the machine that lets you set the impact strength, depending on your specific application. When doing a thinner book, start with a low number for less power, but when doing a thicker book, move that dial to a higher number for more power. Switching from flat to saddle mode is easy, with just a twist of the fixing knob. When in saddle stapling mode, press the trigger dial underneath the head all the way back, to keep it out of your way. Align your document using the guides, and then use the included foot pedal to activate the stapler when you are ready to begin. When in flat stapling mode, adjust that trigger to however deep into the sheet you want your staples set, unplug the foot pedal, adjust the guides for placement, and then just press your document against the trigger; this will automatically activate the staple. A unique group stapling package option lets you connect two Rapid 106 staplers together, cutting double-stapling time in half as they are activated simultaneously with either the foot pedal or trigger mechanisms. When you buy the Rapid 106 electric saddle stapler online, you get a sleek and thin machine, perfect for a small print shop or office with flat and spine stapling needs.


Product Description


The Rapid 106 Electric Saddle Stapler has a stapling capacity of up to 40 sheets of paper(20# paper). Adjustable power control allows you to determine the precise impact setting for your job while the dual adjustable touch trips enable exact staple placement. The Rapid 106 Stapler features a hinged safety shield that automatically shuts the power off when lifted. The Rapid 106 Electric Stapler is the first and only stapler that allows you to connect two staplers together for simultaneous stapling. The R106 Electric Stapler features a thin design and optional narrow table that allow for stapling of very narrow items. Detachable foot pedal included.


Item # 04LWW106
Manufacturer Rapid®
Manufacturer Part Number W106K
Binding Style Stapling, Saddle Stitching
Operation: Binding Electric
Capacity Flat Mode: 40 Sheets (20 lb. bond paper) - Saddle Mode: 20 Sheets (20 lb. bond paper)
Compatible Supplies Rapid 106 Staples & Accessories
Power Voltage 110-125V, 60Hz, AC
Dimensions 12" D x 10" W x 17.25" H
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year Limited Parts
Throat Depth Flat Mode: 4" - Saddle Mode: 9"
Shipping Weight (lbs) 14

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