Single Head Stitching Machines

We offer a wide assortment of single-head saddle stitchers from some of the best brands in the finishing industry, such as Deluxe Stitcher, ISP, Rapid Bind, and more. We carry durable machines that can handle the volume of magazines while maintaining the precision you require for thin newsletters or programs.

Are your booklets costing you too much time and money? At Binding101, we make it affordable and easy for you to invest in your own book binding supplies, so you can improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the workplace. Saddle stitching is a very popular book binding method that allows you to produce professional-quality books, catalogs, directories, pamphlets, magazines, promotional brochures, newsletters, wall calendars, and so much more. Saddle stitching is also considered the least expensive binding method available for high volume, making it an excellent option long production runs as well as projects with lower page counts. With a saddle stitching machine, you can easily bind collated sheets by stapling the spine to create a compact collection of uniform pages.

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Single Head

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  1. DeLuxe StitchMaster High Performance Saddle Stitching Machine

    • Offers an extremely quiet, fast and dependable saddle stitching, all at a great value.
    • Work well for small print shop volumes.
    • Convenient one-knob adjustment for work thickness and leg adjustment, which sets it apart from its competition.
    • Speed: 100 Stitches / Minute

    Starting at: $75.60

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  2. ISP BinderyMate II Stitcher

    • Features a patented ISP wire-fed magnetic stitching head.
    • One-step threading for quick and easy setup.
    • Capacity: 1/4" Thick [About 60 Sheets of 20# Bond Paper]
    • Speed: 175 Stitches / Minute [Per Head]

    Starting at: $410.00

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  3. DeLuxe M30-AST Stitchers

    • A stitch capacity from 2 sheets up to 1-1/4" (32mm) standard
    • The ability to run flat, saddle, or corner stitched jobs
    • Stab stitch capability up to 2" (51mm)
    • Wire Sizes: 20-28 gauge round or 19 x 21-1/2, 20x24 and 21x25 flat

    Starting at: $1,300.00

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    DeLuxe M30-AST-7/8 Stitcher04DSM30AST78
    DeLuxe M30-AST 1-1/4" Stitcher04DSM30AST114
    Loop Stapling Conversion Kit for DeLuxe M30 Stitcher04DSM30KL
  4. DeLuxe M19G20-AST 3/4" Stitcher w/ G20 stitch head

    • Capacity: From 2 sheets to 3/4"
    • Wire Sizes: 20-28 round and 19 x 21-1/2, 20 x 24 and 21 x 25 flat
    • Throat: 14" throat for flat and saddle work
    • Speed: 190 stitches per minute


  5. DeLuxe M2 Stitcher Saddle Stitching Machine

    • Choose from 2 models: M2-AST & M2G8-AST
    • Industrial-grade saddle stitching
    • Speed: 215 stitches per minute
    • Included: 1 free sample spool of compatible stitching wire is included

    Starting at: $5,463.98

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    Product NameItem NumberPriceQty
    DeLuxe M2-AST [1/4" with 26D Stitch Head] Item#04DSM2AST04DSM2AST
    DeLuxe M2G8-AST [5/16" with G8 Stitch Head] Item#04DSM2G8SAST04DSM2G8SAST
  6. DeLuxe MiniStitcher IMS-A25 Saddle Stitching Machine

    • Designed for flat stapling applications.
    • Completely portable unit.
    • Ideal for closing padded envelopes, carding and blister packs.
    • Speed: 100 Stitches / Minute [Manual Insert]


6 Items

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