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Rapid 106 Electric Saddle Stapler & W106K Group Stapling Kit Package

Item #: KIT04LWW106K

When you buy this Rapid 106 electric saddle stapler and W106K group stapling kit online, you receive the entire stapling package to allow for simultaneous, electric double stapling. Your package includes two Rapid 106 staplers, as well as the W106K group stapling kit that connects them together. Just add the compatible Rapid 106 staples, and you are ready to get started.

The Rapid 106 stapling machine is a popular solution for print shops and businesses that need the convenience of electric stapling, with the versatility of easy transitioning between flat stapling and saddle stapling. Each stapler can go through up to 40 sheets* in both stapling modes, depending on the staple being used, while see-through safety shields will keep your operators protected. Switching from flat mode to saddle mode is simple with just the twist of a knob. The Rapid 106 staplers come with foot pedals to leave both hands free to handle your documents, or you can unplug the pedal and use the trigger at the back of the stapler to automatically activate the staple upon impact.

Included in Kit: 
   Qty. 2 - Rapid 106 Electric Staplers (Including Foot Pedals)
   Qty. 1 - W106K Grouping Kit

Qty/Pack : 2 Staplers + 1 Grouping Kit

Product Description


This kit includes two Rapid 106 electric staplers and the group stapling kit that connects the staplers together, creating a unit that allows for simultaneous stapling in both saddle and flat stapling modes. Switching between flat and saddle staples is extremely easy, and completed with just a twist of a dial. The ability to use either the included foot pedal for activation, or the attached back switch, offer your users the ability to choose what method of staple works best for them. The foot pedal allows for more control, as the stapling machine will not staple until the pedal is depressed manually, while the back switch is activated when the paper is butted up against it on the back of the machine, for a more automatic application.

With the compatible Rapid 106 staples, both saddle and flat stapling mode allow for stapling through up to 40 sheets of 20 lb. bond paper at a time. Each stapler has a clear safety shield that allows you to view the stapling mechanism easily, while also offering protection for your users to prevent accidents and injuries. It is also easy to re-load, as it is done so just like a traditional office stapler. Ensuring that the staples are placed in the perfect position that is centered and aligned every time is also simple with the use of the adjustable side guides.

For those working with more sensitive paper and materials, or for those who simply want more control over the finished staple, then the ability to adjust the staple impact with the twist of a dial. If working with a thinner book, you can start with the dial set to a lower number for a less powerful impact, or for a thicker book, twist the dial to a higher number. We recommend doing a few test runs and inspecting the finished piece before beginning your job run.

Businesses and organizations of all kinds will benefit when they buy the Rapid 106 electric saddle stapler and W106K group stapling kit online. The versatility offered by the ability to switch from flat to staple mode, as well as the ease-of-use and safety offered by this electric stapler make it a premier choice. And the benefit of this kit that allows you two insert two staples at the same time can cut the time required for jobs in half.


Item # KIT04LWW106K
Manufacturer Rapid®
Manufacturer Part Number W106KKIT
Binding Style Stapling, Saddle Stitching
Operation: Binding Electric
Capacity Flat Mode: 40 Sheets (20 lb. bond paper)
Saddle Mode: 20 Sheets (20 lb. bond paper)
Power Voltage 110-125V, 60Hz, AC
Dimensions 12" D x 10" W x 17 ¼" H (Each Stapler)
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year Limited Parts
Quantity 2 Staplers + 1 Grouping Kit
Throat Depth Flat Mode: 4"
Saddle Mode: 9"
Shipping Weight (lbs) 14

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