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Unibind® UniCover Flex Covers


Unibind UniCover Flex Covers + UniFlex Covers
UniCover Flex Color Swatch + Unibind UniFlex Colors
Unibind UniCover Flex Covers + UniFlex Covers
Unibind UniCover Flex Covers + UniFlex Covers

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Qty/Pack : Varies by Size

Packaged Quantities

Size Capacity* Qty / Box
Unicover 15 1-15 Sheets 110 Covers
Unicover 40 1-40 Sheets¹ 96 Covers
Unicover 60 40-60 Sheets 88 Covers
Unicover 80 40-80 Sheets¹ 72 Covers
Unicover 100 80-100 Sheets 66 Covers
Unicover 120 80-120 Sheets¹ 60 Covers
Unicover 160 120-160 Sheets 44 Covers
Unicover 220 120-220 Sheets 48 Covers
Unicover 340 220-340 Sheets 24 Covers


The UniFlex covers by Unibind® offer the perfect combination of a quality presentation, with the ability to customize your cover sheet to fit specific needs. Attached to the steel spine are two clear covers that allow your first and last sheet to show through. One of the covers is a clear gloss finish, and the other is a matted clear; this allows you to easily choose the best look for your needs by simply using whichever side you prefer as your front cover. The clear covers mean you can brand each presentation for specific clients. The durable spines have resin pre-applied, so all you have to do is pair your UniCover Flex covers with a Unibind® thermal binding machine to be able to produce professional-quality books and presentations, fast. Choose from a selection of UniFlex colors, including black, white, ruby, bordo, azure blue, dark blue, dark green, and more. The perfect solution for any document presentation, buy Unibind® UniCover Flex covers online.





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