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Side Tables for MBM Triumph™ 4815, 4850, 5255, 5260, 6655, & 6660 Cutters

Item #: 04MBM0495

With these side tables added onto your select MBM Triumph™ paper cutting machines, you can expand the table working width of your cutter about 22 ½". This makes for great storage of your to-be-cut jobs, as well as finished cuts while you complete the jobs. Compatible with various paper cutters, including the 4815, the 4850, the 5255, the 5260, the 6655, and the 6660 automatic paper cutters. When you buy side tables for your MBM Triumph™ cutter online, you get a set of two; one left and one right side table.

Qty/Pack : 1 Set (1 Each of Left & Right Table)

Product Description


If you have the MBM Triumph™ 4815, MBM Triumph™ 4850, MBM Triumph™ 5255, MBM Triumph™ 5260, MBM Triumph™ 6655, or MBM Triumph™ 6660 automatic paper cutters, and you want to expand your work table surface for more storage and convenience, then buy these side tables online. They will expand the width of the table over 22 ½" and are easily installed / mounted onto your cutter. Included with your purchase are two side tables, one for the left and one for the right side.


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