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MBM Triumph™ 6655 25 ½" Automatic Paper Cutter

Item #: 04MBM6655

MBM Triumph 6655 25 ½" Automatic Programmable Paper Cutter
MBM Triumph 6655 Paper Cutter Features
MBM Triumph 6655 Touchpad Control Panel
MBM Triumph 6655 Close-Up, Right Side
MBM Triumph 6655 Close-Up, Left Side
MBM Triumph 6655 Easy + Safe Blade Change
MBM Triumph 6655 Side Tables (Optional, Not Included)
MBM Triumph 6655 Side Tables (Optional, Not Included)

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The MBM Triumph™ 6655 paper cutter is fully automatic and fully programmable, allowing for faster output to meet the needs of your clients; even the most demanding ones. A cutting width that will handle sheets up to 25 ½" wide, and a cutting capacity of stacks up to 3" thick lends to an even faster cut, as you can power through many sheets at one time. Cutting through these stacks of paper with the MBM Triumph™ 6655 ensures total accuracy from the first to the last sheet, and is done so simply with an easy-to-use control panel. This is one of the best electric cutters on the market, and features storage capacity to hold up to 99 jobs in memory for quick recall of popular cutting jobs. And with the full SCS™ safety package, including lockout so only authorized users can operate it, your operators are guaranteed safe. Add optional side tables to expend your work area, and keep an extra replacement blade on-hand so there is never any downtime.

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