MBM Triumph™ 6655 25 ½" Automatic Paper Cutter
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MBM Triumph™ 6655 25 ½" Automatic Paper Cutter

Item #: 04MBM6655
Brand: MBM
  • Cutting Width: 25-1/2"
  • Cutter Capacity: 3" Thick Stack (About 750 Sheets)
  • Narrow Cut: 1"
  • Length Behind Blade: 24"
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The MBM Triumph™ 6655 paper cutter is fully automatic and fully programmable, allowing for faster output to meet the needs of your clients; even the most demanding ones. A cutting width that will handle sheets up to 25 ½" wide, and a cutting capacity of stacks up to 3" thick lends to an even faster cut, as you can power through many sheets at one time. Cutting through these stacks of paper with the MBM Triumph™ 6655 ensures total accuracy from the first to the last sheet, and is done so simply with an easy-to-use control panel. This is one of the best electric cutters on the market, and features storage capacity to hold up to 99 jobs in memory for quick recall of popular cutting jobs. And with the full SCS™ safety package, including lockout so only authorized users can operate it, your operators are guaranteed safe. Add optional side tables to expend your work area, and keep an extra replacement blade on-hand so there is never any downtime.

Save more with the optional MBM Triumph™ 6655 Cutter Package. This package includes Triumph 6655 cutter, side tables, knife, and cutter sticks (6pk).

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Item #04MBM6655
ManufacturerMBM Corporation
Manufacturer Part NumberCU0491
Operating MethodAutomatic
Included Supplies & AccessoriesPower Cord
One Cutting Stick (Installed)
One Blade (Installed)
Compatible Supplies & AccessoriesOptional Side Tables
Replacement Blades
Replacement Cutting Sticks
Power Voltage115 V, 60 Hz [2 Horsepower] 20 amp dedicated line required
Dimensions39" W x 48" D x 51" H
With Optional Side Tables: 61 ½" W
Base Footprint39" W x 48" D
CertificationsUL, C UL
Manufacturer's Warranty1 Year Limited Defective
Size25 ½"
Cutting Width25-1/2"
Cutter Capacity*3" Thick Stack (About 750 Sheets)
Narrow Cut1"
Length Behind Blade24"
Cutter Accuracy1/100" (1/10 mm)
Cutter MemoryMemory Storage (99 Programs, 99 Steps/Program, 15 Repeat Cuts/Step)
Safety FeaturesSCS™ Safety Package (Check the Product Description for Full Details)
Cutter Working Height (When Mounted to Stand)37"
Shipping Weight (lbs)772
Shipping InformationThis item ships via Truck (Common Carrier). It is the responsibility of the Consignee (receiver) to remove the product from the truck. If you do not have a loading dock or any other means to lift the freight off the truck and/or you need assistance bringing the product inside of your location please call (866) 537-2244. Click here for full details.


With the MBM Triumph™ 6655 automatic paper cutter machine, you can produce perfectly finished, cut paper in high quantities with a quality that will impress even the pickiest of clients. The accuracy rating of this fully automatic cutter is an astounding 1/10 of a millimeter (or 1/100 of an inch). It includes an array of safety features that are a part of the world-renowned SCS™ "safety cutting system" package, so your operators (and all office staff) can rest easy knowing that they will be safe.

The SCS™ features include:
   • Transparent, electronically controlled safety shields - Cover the front and back tables and ensure that hands and other items cannot be anywhere near the blade or clamp, as it will not activate while they are open.
   • Main switch and safety lock with key - Giving you control over who has access to the machine, prevent unauthorized staff from using it.
   • Patented "easy cut" electronic blade activation bars - These bars require two-hand activation to begin the clamping and cutting, keeping user hands away from the blade
   • Disc brake - Allows for instant blade stop.
   • Outside adjustments - All blade settings and adjustments are completed from outside the machine.
   • Automatic blade-return and clamp-return - No matter the cut position, after cutting the clamp and blade will return to the up position before the shields can be lifted.
   • Blade and cutting stick replacement - Easily completed from the outside of the machine.
   • Blade-changing device - Completely covers the sharp edge during replacement.
   • Patented IDEAL safety drive.
   • Low voltage controls at just 24 volts.

MBM 6655 Triumph™ cutter will cut paper up to 25 ½", as well as stacks up to 3" thick, which is a full 1 ½" ream of standard copy paper. The control panel is easy to use and understand, and has the ability to store up to a total of 99 jobs, each with up to 99 steps each and 15 repeat cuts in each step. A self-diagnostic error control system will easily display any issues that arise, so you can address them quickly and without having to figure out what the issue is manually. All-metal construction makes for an incredibly durable paper cutter, and official UL and CUL approval meet the standard safety requirements. This paper cutter is mounted onto a stand with a storage shelf and an easy-access tool holder; the stand brings the cutter to a comfortable 37" working height.

Because the settings, the back gauge, the clamp, and the blade are all automated and controlled from the control panel, there is absolutely no manual strain involved when using this stack cutter. In addition to the electric back gauge setting, you can manually set it with a knob on the front of the machine, for manual fine-tuning. When you're ready to cut, you simply close the clear safety shields and activate the process from the touch pad. Once the blade and clamp return into the up position, you can lift the shields again and set up the paper for the next cut. Offering speed, incredible accuracy, true safety, and ease-of-use, the MBM Triumph™ 6655 25 ½" automatic paper cutter is one of the best premium cutting machines on the market; perfect for high output print shops, production facilities, and much more.

Save more with the optional MBM Triumph™ 6655 Cutter Package. This package includes Triumph 6655 cutter, side tables, knife, and cutter sticks (6pk).

*May vary depending on paper stock


MBM Triumph 6655 Automatic Programmable Paper Cutter Machine

Transcript: Watch the video for the MBM Triumph 6655 programmable paper cutter to review the key features of this durable and powerful cutting machine.
Watch the video for the MBM Triumph 6655 programmable paper cutter to review the key features of this durable and powerful cutting machine.

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