Staplex® Type HO-5/8 5/8" High Capacity Staples (10,000 Staples/Box)
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Staplex® Type HO-5/8 5/8" High Capacity Staples (10,000 Staples/Box)

Item #: 05STXHO58
Brand: Staplex
  • Staplex Type HO-5/8
  • For 80 To 100 Sheets of Paper
  • Compatible with Staplex® SU-100N Ultra, SU-50, HD-150P, HD-150PL, HD-250, HD-350, HS-100S
  • 10,000 Staples / Box
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These Staplex® Type HO-5/8 staples feature 5/8" legs and can handle between approximately 80 to 100 sheets of paper at a time, depending on the paper stock and equipment used. They are high-speed staples, designed specifically to withstand high-speed operations offered by Staplex stapler machines. They are OEM manufacturer-direct from Staplex for assured quality and compatibility. They feature sharp chisel point tips for smooth stapling through even thick stacks. Don't risk damaging your stapler, or hassling with frequent jams by using other staples - these were manufactured specifically for the Staplex® staplers below and provide the highest quality finish. Packaged with 10,000 staples per box.


Item # 05STXHO58
Manufacturer Staplex®
Manufacturer Part Number HO-5/8
Leg Length 5/8"
Sheet Capacity* Between 80 to 100 Sheets*
Compatible Equipment Staplex® SU-100N Ultra
Staplex® SU-50
Staplex® SU-100N
Staplex® HD-150P
Staplex® HD-150PL
Staplex® HD-250
Staplex® HD-350
Staplex® HS-100S
Material Metal
Quantity 10,000 Staples / Box
Shipping Weight 5 lbs.


With manufacturer-direct Staplex® staples, you are assured the highest quality bind and the easiest staple application available. Built to work seamlessly with the SU-100 heavy capacity stapler and various other stapling machines, these Type HO staples come in various capacities including 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", and 11/16". Type HO staples are packaged with 10,000 staples per box and feature sharp chisel point tips for smooth stapling through even thick stacks. Don't spend time hassling with jamming your stapler by using off-name brands; buy Staplex® SU-100N staples online at Binding101 and start using the best quality staples available. 

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Frequent Asked Questions

How many sheets will they bind?
Asked by Customer

Use the below capacity chart for recommended sheet capacities for each size of staple. Note that the information listed is based on 20 lb. bond copy paper, so may vary depending on the paper stock you are stapling.

Staple SizeCapacity
1/4"2 to 20 Sheets
3/8"20 to 50 Sheets
1/2"50 to 80 Sheets
5/8"80 to 100 Sheets
3/4"120 to 140 Sheets
Answer by Binding101

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