Staplex® SU-100N Ultra Heavy Capacity Electric Stapler
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Staplex® SU-100N Ultra Heavy Capacity Electric Stapler

Item #: 04STASU100
Brand: Staplex
  • Staple up to 120 Sheets* at a time (using Staplex Type HO staples)
  • Re-loads in seconds with 4 sizes of staples - 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" and 11/16"
  • Throat depth is adjustable to 4"
  • Made in U.S.A.
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With the Staplex® SU-100 ULTRA you can achieve premium, high-capacity stapling through stacks as thick as 120 sheets* with no hassle or strain. This electric stapler does the hard work for you, driving the Staplex-HO high-speed staples through your pages with strength, precision, and cleanliness. It features a pop-out loading for quick re-loading of up to 100 staples at a time and a hi-low switch that lets you control the staple impact. Dual adjustable backstops on the right and left sides with safety microswitches allow for stapling close to the side edges for a neat finish. This heavy capacity stapler is made in the USA to top-quality standards and requires absolutely no mounting. The direct-drive solenoid ensures a tight, positive clinch on the staple, and the throat depth allows doe stapling up to 4" deep into your pages. This best high capacity stapler has a jam-proof all-steel staple mechanism.


Item # 04STASU100
Manufacturer Staplex®
Manufacturer Part Number SU-100
Binding Style Stapling
Stapling Heads 1-Staple Head
Capacity* Up to 120 Sheets (20 lb. bond; depends on staples used)
Compatible Staples Staplex Type HO High-Speed Staples
1/4” Type HO-1/4 Staples (up to 20 sheets*)
3/8” Type HO-3/8 Staples (20 to 50 sheets*)
1/2” Type HO-1/2 Staples (50 to 80 sheets*)
5/8” Type HO-5/8 Staples (80 to 100 sheets*)
11/16” Type HO-11/16 Staples (100 to 120 sheets*)
Throat Depth Adjustable, Up to 4"
Staple Loading 100 Staples / Load
Power Voltage 110-125 V, 50-60 Hz, AC
Dimensions 10-3/4" D x 9" W x 10-1/2" H
Manufacturer's Warranty 90 Day Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
Shipping Weight 22 lbs.
Shipping Weight 31 lbs.


The Staplex® SU-100N Ultra Heavy Capacity Electric Stapler has the capability to staple up to 120 sheets (20# paper, or equivalent) with just the tap of an electronic foot-switch. You can re-load the stapler in seconds with five sizes available: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", and 11/16". The High-Low switch allows you to adjust the stapling impact so that you can deliver the correct stapling power, every time. The SU-100 N Electric Stapler is portable (it only weighs 22 lbs.) and requires no mounting. Simply set on your desk, table, or bench and start using. There is a direct-drive solenoid to ensure a tight, positive clinch, as well as a dual adjustable locking backstop (up to 4" deep) for neat and clean stapling. With the jam-proof 100% steel staple mechanism, you get heavy-duty stapling that can go through paper, corrugated plastic, cardboard, cloth, and more.


The Staplex Model SU-100N Ultra Heavy Capacity Electric Stapler makes heavy-duty table-top binding affordable to everyone! 500% faster than any other way to staple or bind!  Saves time, money, and effort! Solid-state electronics, direct-drive solenoid, durable cast aluminum housing, and all steel staple mechanism are designed for rugged use – day after day, year after year. It eliminates fatigued hands caused by conventional manual staplers.


Great for all heavy capacity stapling – in office, print shop and reprographics areas, packaging and shipping department.  Staple paper, corrugated, plastic, cardboard, cloth, or virtually anything. Use the Staplex SU-100N for reports, documents, computer and laser printouts, booklets, form pads, coupon and checkbooks, legal, tax, and accounting documents, and much, much more!  Wide opening, dual adjustable backstops, and electronic footswitch assure fast, accurate, neat staple positioning. 


Model SU-100N is generally recommended for stapling 20+ sheets of 20-lb. paper or equivalent.  Model SU-100N requires that the proper size staple be used for each stapling job based on the number of sheets of paper (or equivalent material) being stapled as noted below.  In other words, you cannot use the HO-5/8 5/8" Staple to staple 25 sheets of 20-lb. paper because the staple leg length would be too long for that job. Take a look at this staple capacity chart for help choosing the best staple size for your needs.

Staple Type HO-1/4 HO-3/8 HO-1/2 HO-5/8 HO-11/16
Capacity* Up to 20 Sheets* 20-50 Sheets* 50-80 Sheets* 80-100 Sheets* 100-120 Sheets*


*Based on 20 lb. bond copy paper; will vary depending on paper stock used. Will vary depending on the staples used.

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