Keencut Steel-Tip Straight Edge & Safety Ruler
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Keencut Steel-Tip Straight Edge & Safety Ruler

Brand: Keencut
  • Lightweight anodized aluminum frame.
  • Embedded steel edge for lasting accuracy.
  • Two full-length silicone grip cords to protect and clamp your materials.
  • Feature steel cutting edges that reduce wear and offer extreme accuracy.
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Keencut is a world-renowned manufacturer of cutting machines and accessories, known primarily for their premium products and extreme accuracy, and their cutter tools hold true to that legacy. These safety straight edges by Keencut feature steel cutting edges that reduce wear and offer extreme accuracy. The guard protects your hands and fingers from the sharp edges of your cutters while in use, while not disrupting the view of the cutting scale. The straight edge ruler is made of a lightweight anodized aluminum with an embedded steel cutting edge for lasting accuracy within 1mm. On the bottom of the straight edge are two full-length silicone grip cords that help hold it in place, while protecting your materials that it may be sitting on. Available in several different lengths, these straight edge rulers are all 2 ⅞" deep and 1 ⅝" high. Ready for a strong, precise and portable straight edge cutting tool? Buy the Keencut steel-tip straight edge and safety ruler online in several sizes from 18" to 72" long.


Manufacturer Keencut
Manufacturer Part Number STEELTIPGRP
Dimensions 2 ⅞" D x 1 ⅝" H
Quantity 1 Straight Edge Ruler
Material Lightweight Aluminum with Embedded Steel Edge


The Keencut Steel Tip Straight Edge, in silver anodized aluminum, is a superb straight edge for use in marking, drawing, pen-lining, scoring or cutting. In fact it can be used with all types of hand-held tools where accuracy is required. The Keencut Straight Edge Tool is strong, precise and portable, and comes fitted with two full-length grip strips to steady the straight edge and protect sensitive surfaces.

Straight Edges are safe to use with the integral finger guard and a full-length stainless steel bead that resists wear to the edge and the tool. The steel tip provides ultimate durability; where aluminum straight edges bend and ding when cut, the steel will hold its form for a perfect cut, every time. The Keencut steel tip straight edges are available in 9 imperial sizes and 9 metric sizes.

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