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Stitching Machines & Booklet Makers

Are your booklet making needs costing you too much time and money? Consider investing in your own book binding tool in order to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness at your workplace.

Binding101 carries a wide assortment of high quality, brand name instruments to fit your varied needs, everything from saddle stitching machines to booklet staplers. Our durable machines can handle the volume of a weighty magazine while maintaining the precision ideal for thin newsletters or programs.

Booklet making is an easy process with the right equipment. Our user-friendly machines can be utilized with little to no training, so you can begin churning out product straightaway. Binding101 supplies different types of machines from top brands, so that you can find best the machine to enhance your binding technique. With varying book binding techniques, it is important that you determine your preferred method before investing in a binding tool.

When you use saddle stitching machines or booklet staplers, you bind by setting pages on the “saddle” and activating the stapler. These machines don’t pre-fold documents, so you can achieve the flexibility that comes with manual page placement. If needed, you can fold pages ahead of time. In contrast, booklet makers fold and staple your books, speeding up the process and eliminating some of the manual labor involved in saddle staplers.

All booklet staplers and booklet making machines are available in manual or electric models to meet the demand of users, whether you intend to create a few booklets per week or several thousand.

If you are looking to speed up the booklet making process without sacrificing quality or emptying your wallet, look to the premium products available at Binding101. Buy our booklet makers online and get started today!