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RotaTrim® Professional "M" Series Rotary Trimmers

Item #: 04ROTOM-GRP

Buy the RotaTrim® Professional M series rotary trimmers online in a variety of sizes from 12" up to 54" long. As their name implies, these cutters have been manufactured for the professional market, specifically print shops, photo studios and more. They have a huge variety of materials they can cut, including paper, canvas, cork, floor graphics, polyester, vinyl and many other materials up to 3mm thick. A twin-guide rail with nylon bearings offers a very stable traverse motion that offers silent, stable and resistance-free cutting. To keep your operator safe, the Professional M series trimmers feature a die-cast steel housing over the cutting rails. Ensuring a long life of smooth, precise cuts, the blades are manufactured out of Sheffield tungsten steel and self-sharpen on the return pass. The Rotatrim Professional cutters comes with a 5 year manufacturer guarantee on all parts (excluding wearable parts), and blades are easily replaceable, and available here.

Product Name Price Qty
12" RotaTrim® Professional "M" Rotary Trimmer Item#04ROTOM12T
15" RotaTrim® Professional "M" Rotary Trimmer Item#04ROTOM15T
18" RotaTrim® Professional "M" Rotary Trimmer Item#04ROTOM18T
20" RotaTrim® Professional "M" Rotary Trimmer Item#04ROTOM20T
24" RotaTrim® Professional "M" Rotary Trimmer Item#04ROTOM24T
30" RotaTrim® Professional "M" Rotary Trimmer Item#04ROTOM30T
36" RotaTrim® Professional "M" Rotary Trimmer Item#04ROTOM36T
42" RotaTrim® Professional "M" Rotary Trimmer Item#04ROTOM42T
54" RotaTrim® Professional "M" Rotary Trimmer Item#04ROTOM54T

Product Description


The RotaTrim® Professional Rotary Trimmers offer a unique twin-guide rail design and nylon bearings that ensure silent, resistant-free and accurate cutting. It can be used to cut paper, film, laminated materials and digital media output from image setters and plotters. A die-cast steel housing over the cutting wheel keeps the operator safe. The cutting wheel self-sharpens the sheffield tungsten steel blade on the return pass enduring smooth, clean cuts for years to come. Each Rotatrim Professional Cutter comes with a 5 year manufacturer guarantee on all parts (excluding flat blades, clamp strips and cutting wheels). Choose a size below to learn more.


Item # 04ROTOM-GRP
Manufacturer RotaTrim®
Manufacturer Part Number PROMGRP
Included Supplies & Accessories 1 Rotary Blade
Adjustable Squaring Arm
Spare Clear Plastic Clamp Strip
Compatible Supplies & Accessories Replacement Blade For RotaTrim® Professional "M" Series Trimmers
Manufacturer's Warranty 5 Year Limited Parts [Excluding Wearable]
Can Cut Materials Paper
Foam Board
Select Self-Adhesive Materials
Floor Graphics
& More! Call (866)537-2244 for Sample Material Testing
Capacity Up to 3mm Thick Materials
Shipping Weight (lbs) 1

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