1/4" Premium Staples for Rapid 106 [5,000 Staples] Item#05LWW104
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1/4" Premium Staples for Rapid 106 [5,000 Staples] Item#05LWW104

Item #: 05LWW104
Brand: Rapid
  • Manufactured specifically for the Rapid 106 electric stapler, which prevents jamming, broken staples, and dangerous points.
  • Made of a durable metal.
  • Feature chisel points for smooth stapling, even though thicker stacks of materials.
  • 6 Accessories Available
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Compatible with the Rapid 106 electric stapler and Rapid 106 group stapling package, we have a selection of accessories and supplies that you can buy online to expand the capabilities of your stapler. Our staples are manufacturer-direct, made specifically for the Rapid 106 to prevent jamming. They are premium-quality chisel-point staples that provide advanced performance and come in two different sizes for different stack capacities, and are available in either a standard silver or a red streak style with a stripe on the back of the staple. The W106K group stapling kit includes the pieces needed to attach two of the staplers together for consecutive double stapling. The staplers are not included with this accessory, however, you will need two staplers for this kit to work. The Rapid 106 replacement stapling head lets your replace this wearable part instead of having to buy a whole new stapler.


Item # 05LWW10-GRP
Manufacturer Rapid
Manufacturer Part Number RAPIDGRP
Compatible Equipment Rapid 106 Electric Stapler
Rapid 106 Group Stapling Package
Material Metal
Staples / Stitching Wire Staples
Shipping Weight (lbs) 1


We offer several different Rapid® 106 accessories and supplies that are manufacturer-direct to ensure the highest quality and 100% compatibility. We offer replacement wearable parts, such as stapling heads, supply items, such as staples, and accessories that can expand your stapler capabilities, such as the group stapling kit. You can learn more about the different options we offer, or you can simply buy Rapid® 106 staples and accessories above.

Staples: We offer staples that have been manufactured specifically for the Rapid® 106 electric stapler, which prevents jamming, broken staples, and dangerous points. When using staples other than these official staples, customers may experience those hassles. But with our manufacturer-direct, premium-quality staples, you are assured a clean and professional staple finish, every time. The staples are chisel point, which allows for a smooth and easy insertion into your paper stock. You can buy these staples online in either 1/4" or 5/16" sizes, depending on your stack thickness. You can also choose either size in a standard silver staple, or a red streak staple that has a red line printed on the spine for a unique look.

W106K Group Stapling Kit: The W106K group stapling kit includes all of the pieces needed to attach two of the staplers together, allowing you to apply two staples at the same time along the spine of your book. This can cut your stapling time in half, since you are accomplishing a normally two-step process in just one step. You will need to pair this kit with two of the Rapid® 106 staplers, which are not included in the kit.

Replacement Stapler Head: The stapler head is a wearable part of any stapler, and the Rapid® 106 is no different. This replacement stapling head lets you change out this part without having to invest in a whole new stapler.

In addition to the 106 stapler, the staples listed above are also compatible with the Rapid® 105 and 101 staplers.

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