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Pouch Boards (Price per Box)


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Our unique pouch boards take the traditional form of mounting and laminating and turn it into a simple and fast one-step process. Instead of having to first laminate your print with an expensive one-sided laminator, and then mount it to your board with a mounting adhesive, these versatile pouch mounting boards have a laminate sheet attached directly to one side. So all you have to do is insert your print and run it through a laminating/mounting machine once. That one step will mount and laminate, leaving you with a high-quality mounted print.

Some pouch boards don't even require any equipment at all, because they feature a pressure sensitive adhesive. For these boards, just insert your print under the attached laminate and use a hand roller to apply even pressure all over the print, gradually adding more pressure. Start from the sealed edge and roll to the opposite side, then work from the center to the edges and corners. Following this order will help prevent any bubbles. For large prints, you should consider using a cold laminating and mounting machine to ensure a professional finish.

Pouch boards come in several different options, including traditional foam board pouch boards, heavy duty gator pouch boards, corrugated plastic pouch boards, and thin paper board. Many of our boards also have the option of either gloss laminate, matte laminate, or luster laminate. If you're ready to turn the complicated process of mounting and laminating into one easy step without compromising quality, buy pouch boards online at Binding101.

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Product Description

With pouch mounting boards you can turn a standard printout into a professionally mounted work of art in just one step. Whether you choose our heat activated pouch boards or self-adhesive pouch boards, these unique mounting boards will mount and laminate your prints in one simple step. Simple place your print under the attached laminate sheet and either run it through a mounting machine (for heat activated adhesive and large pressure sensitive prints) or use a brayer hand roller (for smaller pressure sensitive prints) to mount and laminate.

In addition to being available with different kinds of adhesives, we also offer a variety of mounting board types. Basic foam board pouch boards are the most popular option, and offers a great general-purpose mounting opportunities with the foam-core and durable facings. They come in the largest variety of sizes, ranging from 8 ½" x 11 ½" up to 41" x 61", and also come in black or white and with gloss, matte, or luster finish laminate sheets attached. The gloss laminate is the most common and will enhance your colors and contrast, while the matted and luster options offer a softer look than can help reduce glare and offer a more unique finish.

Gator pouch boards offer a heavier duty solution that is more resistant to dents, cuts, and punctures. These heavy duty boards have a hard luxcell surface and are most popular for professional photo mounters and artists, exhibit builders, engineers, and anyone else who needs a board that can withstand heavy handling and offer a premium finish. Gator pouch boards come in either black or white, are available in sizes from 18" x 24 ½" to 36" x 48", can be purchased with heat activated or pressure sensitive adhesive, and with either a gloss or matte laminate sheet.

Pouch boards are also available in corrugated plastic sheets, which feature vertical fluting and an extremely durable plastic material that makes them a great choice for signs such as those for political campaigns, outdoor advertising for retail shops, and so much more. Corrugated pouch boards are only available in white with a pressure sensitive adhesive, and come in sizes from 18 ½" x 12" to 36 ½" x 24" with a gloss laminate sheet. With the flutes running vertically, the first dimension listed is the width and the second is the height of the board.

Lastly, you can buy pouch boards online in a paper board option, which offers a thinner and more flexible solution. Paper pouch boards are 25 mil thick and come with a heat activated adhesive that is low-temperature, so may be safe to use with your heat sensitive inkjet prints. Sizes available include 18 ½" x 25" to 25" x 37", and they come with a gloss laminate. These unique paper pouch boards are rigid enough to stand on an easel for display, but thin enough that transporting several pieces at a time is easy.


    Board Type  

  Foam Board

  Gator Board  

  Corrugated Plastic Board  

  Paper Board  

    Sizes Available  

  8 ½" x 11 ½"  
  9" x 11 ½"  
  9" x 12"  
  11" x 17 ½"  
  11 ½" x 17 ½"  
  13" x 19 ½"  
  18" x 24 ½"  
  20" x 30"  
  24 ½" x 36 ½"  
  25" x 37"  
  37" x 49"  
  41" x 61"  

  18" x 24 ½"  
  24" x 36"  
  24" x 36 ½"  
  36" x 48"  

  18 ½" x 12"  
  24 ½" x 18"  
  36 ½" x 24"  

  18 ½" x 25"  
  25" x 37"  

    Board Thickness  



  4mm [0.157"]  

  25 mil [0.025"]  

    Laminate Finish  





    Adhesive Types  

  Pressure Sensitive [Cold Adhesive]  
  Heat Activated  

  Pressure Sensitive [Cold Adhesive]  
  Heat Activated  

  Pressure Sensitive [Cold Adhesive]  

  Heat Activated [Low Temperature]  

Item Numbers on this page: 80FPB115175W 80FPB09115W 80XLMBMW4161 80XLMBMW3749 80XLMBMW2537 80XLMBGW4361 80XLMBGW3749 80XLMBCW2537 80XLMBCW3749 80XLMBGB3749 80XLMBGB4161 80XLMBMB2537 80XLMBMB3749 80XLMBMB4161 80XLGFWG2436
80XLGFWG3648 80XLGFWM2436 80XLGFWM3648 80XLGFBG2436 80XLGFBG3648 80XLGFBM2436 80XLGFBM3648 80AGGPB1824G 80AGGPB1824M 80AGGPB2436G 80AGGPB2436M 80AGFPB1218G 80AGFPB1218M 80AGFPB1319G 80AGFPB1319M 80AGFPB1824G 80AGFPB1824M
80AGFPB2030G 80AGFPB2030M 80AGFPB2436G 80AGFPB2436M 80AGFPB85115G 80AGFPB912M 80AGPPB1812G 80AGPPB2418G 80AGPPB3624G 80OPTPB18525 80OPTPB2537


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