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Pouch Boards (Price per Box)


Pouch Mounting Boards, Available in Black or White
Pouch Mounting Boards
How to use Pouch Mounting Boards
Paper Pouch Boards
Corrugated Pouch Board
Corrugated Pouch Board
Corrugated Pouch Board, Placed on Sign Stake
Corrugated Pouch Board + Corrugated Signs

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Packaged Quantities

TypeSizesQty / Box
Foam Board
(Heat Activated
& Cold)
All Sizes 10 / Box
Gator Board
(Heat Activated)
24" x 36" 10 / Box
36" x 48" 5 / Box
Gator Board
All Sizes 10 / Box
Corrugated Board
All Sizes 10 / Box
Paper Board
(Heat Activated)
All Sizes 25 / Box


Our unique pouch boards take the traditional form of mounting and laminating and turn it into a simple and fast one-step process. Instead of having to first laminate your print with an expensive one-sided laminator, and then mount it to your board with a mounting adhesive, these versatile pouch mounting boards have a laminate sheet attached directly to one side. So all you have to do is insert your print and run it through a laminating/mounting machine once. That one step will mount and laminate, leaving you with a high-quality mounted print.

Some pouch boards don't even require any equipment at all, because they feature a pressure sensitive adhesive. For these boards, just insert your print under the attached laminate and use a hand roller to apply even pressure all over the print, gradually adding more pressure. Start from the sealed edge and roll to the opposite side, then work from the center to the edges and corners. Following this order will help prevent any bubbles. For large prints, you should consider using a cold laminating and mounting machine to ensure a professional finish.

Pouch boards come in several different options, including traditional foam board pouch boards, heavy duty gator pouch boards, corrugated plastic pouch boards, and thin paper board. Many of our boards also have the option of either gloss laminate, matte laminate, or luster laminate. If you're ready to turn the complicated process of mounting and laminating into one easy step without compromising quality, buy pouch boards online. Make a selection below to see the packaged quantity, as this will vary depending on board type and size.





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