Mounting Boards

Mounting Boards

If you're looking for the top-quality foamcore and gatorboard, but with a lower price, then Binding101 is here to help. We offer a huge variety of bulk mount board solutions for your business. Especially suited for print shops, photo studios, framing business, scale models, trade show and marketing groups, our foam board solutions can meet the demands of your business for quality and price.

Types of Mount Boards:

Plain Mounting Boards are our most popular and most versatile option. They are exactly what they sound like; a plain board sheet, without any adhesive or media on them. Instead, what happens to the board is completely up to you. Plain mount boards come in two material options: foam core boards and gator boards. Sizes for both range from 20” x 30” up to large 48” x 96”, as well as in either a black or white board color. Foamcore mount boards are 3/16” thick and feature a clay-coated surface and a lightweight polystyrene construction. This makes them ideal for school projects, presentations, and temporary signage. Gator boards come in a 3/16”, ½”, or 1” thickness, all of which have the impressive dense core that is sandwiched between two layers of Luxcell wood-fiber veneer. Often called the most durable and strongest mount boards, gator is ideally suited for long-term applications such as artwork, photography, retail signage, and much more. This also makes them the premier choice for trade shows and events with high traffic, where they may be handled or bumped, as well as travel from location-to-location. Plain corrugated plastic boards are also available, which are ideal for outdoor signage, such as real estate and other yard signs. No matter which you choose, you can pair uncoated foam sheets with your own adhesive and machinery to mount prints of all kinds, with a professional quality.

Self-Stick Foam Boards and Self-Stick Gator Boards are another popular choice for artists and sign makers. The simple peel-and-stick board application makes them incredibly versatile, and doesn't require any expensive machinery, bringing the availability of professional mounted prints to even the small office or home user. Our self adhesive mounting board selection includes black or white boards, as well as various sizes from 8” x 10” up to 48” x 96”. This wide range of sizes means you can mount anything --from school projects, point of purchase signs, or large full-scale graphics— with ease and efficiency. Simply peel off the liner to expose a corner of the mount board adhesive, align your print and, as you peel away the rest of the liner, press your print down onto the adhesive facing. Some sizes of self adhesive foam board even offer both one-side and two-side adhesive options. If you work with a higher volume, then you can pair these self stick mount boards with a mounting machine, or even just a simple hand roller for a smoother finish.

Heat Activated Mounting Boards are the perfect solution for a professional mounting environment. They can be paired with a heated or thermal mounting and laminating machine to produce a truly exceptionally finished mounted print. Thermal mounting boards are also available in a foamcore style or gator board for a more rigid and durable display. Depending on the style, stocked sizes are available from 9” x 11” up to 48” x 96”. Black and white boards are an option, and all sizes feature the thermal adhesive on one side of the board.

Pouch Boards are a massively growing trend, as they combine the beauty of a mounted and laminated print into a simple, one-step process. In the past, if you wanted to mount and laminate a print, you would have to first mount the print to the board, and then apply adhesive on top. But with pouch mounting boards, you get a solid foam board, gator board, corrugated plastic board, or even thin paper board with the laminate pre-attached to one side. This turns the entire thing into an easy-to-work-with, single piece; just place your print between the laminate and board, and run it through your mounting/laminating machine. The adhesive that attaches the laminate to your print and your print to the board is available in either a thermal heat activated or a pressure sensitive/self-adhesive option, depending on the style, so you have even more versatility for the kind of machine you want to use (or not use, since self stick boards don't require a machine to work). Simple and effective, this method of board mounting has become a popular choice.

Self Adhesive Mat Boards are another option that is perfect for artists, photographers, and framers. It takes the beauty of a mat board used in the framing industry, and makes it easier with simple peel-and-stick print application. Select colors are available, as well as popular print sizes.

Need Help Choosing a Mounting Board:

If you need any help selecting the best product for your business, please contact us today to speak with one of our friendly experts; email or call us at (866) 537-2244.

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