Foam Core Mounting Boards

At Binding101, we offer a huge selection of standard foamcore boards. Foam core mounting boards are the most popular solution, as they have a premium foam core sandwhiched between two clay-coated hard sheets for a dent-resistant and straight finish. You can choose from plain uncoated boards, self-adhesive boards with peel-and-stick application, heat activated adhesive for professionals, and pouch mounting boards to mount and laminate in one step. Depending on the style, we you can find foam boards from small 8" x 10" up to XL 48" x 96" sheet sizes.

Our foam boards are top-quality, and the user reviews will attest to that. These premium mounting boards are not like the cheap boards you find at the store, but are made of premium materials for extra-durability, a longer display life, and a more professionally-finished look. They offer exceptional value, which is why again and again, customers choose foamcore boards from us.

Browse the variety of foam core mount boards below, or give us a call at (866) 537-2244 if you need help deciding.

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Foam Core
  1. Plain 1 item
  2. Self-Stick 2 items
  3. Heat Activated 2 items
  4. Pouch Boards 4 items
Adhesive Type  

9 Items

9 Items