As a government organization, you have to work within a strict budget, and buy only specific products that are approved for use in your department. Below we have created a limited list of products that are popular with our government customers, including government print shops, the military, and more.

We know that security is of the utmost importance for your agency, which is why we offer high security government shredders that are CSS and NSA approved, offering the most protection of any other paper shredder on the market. These micro cross-cut shredding machines destroy your sensitive and top secret documents, creating extremely tiny waste particles that can safely be disposed of. We also offer identification solutions, so every staff member is properly and easily identified. If our pre-printed lanyards don't have the proper wording for your needs, we offer custom printed lanyards that can be made to meet your exact specifications, even further protecting your security.

Speed & Quality:
Speed and efficiency are very important in your busy government office, so we offer the best products to keep things moving consistently and smoothly, without fear of overloading. We offer paper folding machines and high capacity electric paper cutters that meet the speed requirements that your office demands, as well as office supplies that is made with quality in mind, so they don't have to be replaced as often.

Keeping the different departments in your government office organized is imperative. With our government office supplies, this is easy. Ring binders that are built to last, index tab dividers to sort your paperwork, and hole punchers of many different configurations are just some of the essential tools every office needs.

We understand that the government has to have a strict budget restriction to avoid over-spending. If you see items that you need below, and they don't fit into that specified budget, please reach out to us with your specific needs and we will do our best to meet them. You can contact us by calling (866) 537-2244 or emailing

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