Poly Bags

At Binding101 we have all of the poly bags you need for your packaging needs. Whether you're looking for something small for your home made earrings you're selling on Etsy, or you're looking for large bags for your retail products to go on display in your store, or you're looking to bag together small items for shipping, you can find the ideal solution in our collection below. We have bags that zip-closed or have adhesive closure, as well as bags that are left open and meant to be sealed shut with a bag sealing machine. Gusseted bags, bags with white block for labeling, and even bags on a roll for higher volume production and custom-length bags on-demand.

When it comes to wrapping items quickly for retail display or sale, the preferred method is often using shrink bags. In addition to higher volume environments that stock shelves with products, shrink wrap bags are affordable enough (along with the equipment needed; bag sealers and head guns) that at-home users that have their own business, or even those who wrap for the occasional special event or fundraiser, are popular users.

At Binding101 we stock the best-in-class poly bags that can offer you the most professional finish, without breaking the bank. These bags have great clarity, and come in a huge selection of sizes to meet your varying needs. Choose bags as small as 6 inches up to 20 inches, in varying gauge film thicknesses. These bags are easy to seal with one of our hand sealers, I-bar sealers, or bag sealers, and can then be shrunk down to be flush with your wrapped item using a heat gun.

Stock up on top-quality shrink bags from Binding101 at the best pricing. Shrink wrapping bags are uniform in-size, so are great for users who wrap a lot of the same item over and over. They are made of a strong PVC material that forms exceptionally well to items, even those with rounded, pointed, and other non-standard shapes. The poly vinyl chloride shrink bags offer crystal clear clarity for an unhindered view of your wrapped item, so reading labels is not affected.

If you're not sure if shrink wrap bags are the right solution, or you need help finding the best option for your individual needs, please call our experts at (866) 537-2244 for help.

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Poly Bags

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  1. PVC Shrink Wrap Bags (Price per Box)

    • Pre-cut and sealed on 3 ends.
    • Substrate: PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride)
    • Shrink Temperature: About 212
    • Quantity: 500 Bags / Box
    • Free Shipping $75+
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