What is paper banding? Banding is a form of wrapping of materials that holds them together, making them easier to handle, transport, and store. Also called bundling or paper taping, banding is done with a long strip of sturdy paper that is wrapped and sealed (or tied) around your material using a special paper banding machine. This machine can be a handheld press, or an electric or more automated solution. Paper banding creates a visible stripe of color across your material, so can also serve as additional marketing with a printed banding strip (sometimes called a belly band). Depending on the size of your stack to bundle, you may want to add a single banded strip, a double, or more.

Paper banding is often called the best way to bundle paper and media, since it can help protect your materials, is sustainable, is simple, and offers the additional marketing opportunity, without a high price point. With a banding machine and paper banding strips, you can quickly discover a faster and easier way to package your products with a simple strip. Check out some of the benefits of paper banding, as well as the popular applications below for ideas of how to use paper banding strips for your business.

Benefits of Paper Banding:

  1. Simple
  2. Fast
  3. Easy to remove
  4. Ability to custom print (marketing opportunity)
  5. Wrap large stacks of material
  6. Won't damage your fragile edges or corners
  7. Can reduce packaging costs (less expensive than a box or bag)
  8. Efficient to increase productivity
  9. Makes handling, transport, & packaging easier

Popular Paper Banding Applications & Ideas:

  1. Bundling magazines
  2. Bundling brochures and literature
  3. Bundling business cards
  4. Bundling mailers and postcards
  5. With printed bands: market a new product or service
  6. With printed bands: highlight a specific sponsor

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