Cardboard Perforators & Shredders

Adding a warehouse shredder to your arsenal will allow your facility to recycle old cardboard boxes, news print, and non-confidential papers into eco-friendly protective packaging materials. Also called a cardboard shredder, you simply slide your sheets into the feed and they come out the other end a sheet with cut-outs that is flexible and makes for great void fill, or wrapping to protect your fragile items while in storage or during transit to your clients.

A cardboard shredder is a great fit for large corporations that want to recycle their own boxes into a product they can use or sell, as well as for government organizations and prisons that want to use every bit of their materials without waste. The specially designed cutting shaft on these cardboard packing material makers cuts and perforates materials, turning them into large volume void fill material and cushioned packing mats that are suitable for packing even sensitive goods for transport. Perfect for any warehouse or print shop, now you can recycle your used cardboard boxes and paper by turning it into free packing material. These systems are economical and reliable.

If you need help choosing the best cardboard shredder for your needs, please call our team at (866) 537-2244 for assistance.

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Cardboard Perforators & Shredders

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