Canvas Wraps

Make professional-quality wrapped canvases with the GOframe 1500 canvas wrapping kits. These kids include bars of your chosen size; just pair them with the appropriate accessories and your own printed canvas. In less than about 20 minutes you will have a beautifully finished canvas print.


Choose from GOframe 1500 Standard or Pro frames:

  • The standard frames are available in sizes from 4" long to 36" long. They are 3/8" thick and stick out 1.5" from the wall. They can be paired with unique collage clips to create collage-style displays with perfect spacing between prints. They are packaged with 16 bars per box, which allows you to make 4 frames.
  • GOframe 1500 Pro frames are available in sizes from 8" long to 60" long. They are 7/8" thick and stick our 1.5" from the wall. Center brace tension bars can be added for landscape prints for extra stability. They are packaged with 8 bars per box, which allows you to make 2 frames. 

GOframe 1500 Pro (Left)

  • Sizes from 8” to 60”
  • 7/8” Thick
  • 1-1/2” Deep
  • 8 bars / box (makes 2 frames) Tensioners & fasteners included

GOframe 1500 Standard (Right)

  • Sizes from 4” to 36”
  • 3/8” Thick
  • 1-1/2” Deep
  • 16 bars / box (makes 4 frames)
    Tensioners & fasteners included
  • Can be used with optional collage clips to create perfectly spaces collages with various canvas wraps

Make premium, professional-quality wrapped canvases without specialty equipment using GOframe 1500 gallery wraps. Use them to create beautiful family photos, display paintings at your gallery, or to sell your beautiful photography at events. Whatever the print type and look, these canvas kits can help you create a beautiful display. Buy a single size to create a square print, or pair multiple sizes together to make different dimensions. 


GOframe 1500 PRO canvas stretcher gallery wraps are the perfect professional solution for quick, beautiful, canvas prints with no specialty equipment. They are ideal for photographic and fine art displays of all kinds. In fact, the canvas bars are made of the best grades of sustainably-sourced North American basswood, which is the ideal choice for museum-quality prints. The wood has low lignin and resin content, is stable, and has a moisture level of less than 8% after kiln-drying. These features ensure there will be no warp or shrinkage after the canvas is applied. They are ideal for preserving the archival qualities required for selling fine art print editions.

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