Supplies & Accessories for GOframe 1500 Pro

These accessories are compatible with the GOframe 1500 Pro canvas wrapping kits. They offer the ultimate solution when paired appropriately, so you can produce the best quality finished canvas wrap frames on the market. No expensive machines or complicated supplies are needed; just some basic essentials to make finish the frames.


Get all of the GOframe 1500 PRO supplies, including:

  • Starter Kit - This starter kit includes some of the required supplies to get started making GOframe 1500 PRO gallery wraps, such as the reusable positioning corners, a corner trimmer with blades, and fasteners.
  • Canvas Glue -This specialty glue was manufactured specifically for GOframe canvas wraps. It is an archival-safe and pH neutral adhesive that won't degrade your canvas, even over time. The strong, permanent bind holds traditional canvas materials to the wooden frame with premier integrity.
  • Positioning Corners - This 4-pack of corner positioning corners (also called corner clamps) is used to hold your frames in-place as you assemble them, ensuring perfectly spaced and sealed edges. They easily pop on-and-off your frames so you can reuse them over and over again. Opening in the corner makes it easy to center the stretcher assembly to the canvas if you are not wrapping the image around the sides.
  • Corner Trimmer - This corner trimmer was specifically designed for GOframe 1500 gallery wraps. It is small and compact, while comfortable to hold, and allows for precision trimming of the corner edges of your canvases to allow for a clean folded corner. Too much material on the corner makes them bulky and messy, so this corner trimmer is an essential tool for that professional finish. It includes the cutter itself as well as a pack of replacement blades.
  • Center Brace Bars -  Choose the size from 16" to 40"  to match your frame. They offer added support for your frame, which is especially important when working with panoramic or extra-large sizes. Add one or several bars at your discretion to get the stability you desire.
  • Pro Joiner Bars - Use the pro joiner to create custom sizes. Match the stretcher frame to the image and not the other way around. Create wraps larger than 60".
  • Gloves - Cotton gloves eliminate fingerprints without leaving lint. White cotton inspector’s gloves are made from smooth, lightweight, durable, and washable 100% cotton. Protect sensitive materials including film, photos, canvas, and more. Polygenex™ nylon gloves are thinner than most cotton gloves so you have more dexterity. Some users prefer nylon over cotton when making and handling photo products. 
  • Cutting Mats - Offer the perfect work base for canvas making. They are easy to keep clean and self-heal from cuts so are built to last. They will protect your table and are available in a huge selection of sizes and colors.
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Supplies & Accessories for GOframe 1500 Pro

14 Items

14 Items

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