3/32" Cornerounder® Die Item#04LWCU332
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3/32" Cornerounder® Die Item#04LWCU332

Item #: 04LWCU332
Brand: Lassco Wizer
  • Able to cut through paper, plastics, vinyl, magnetic materials, and other flexible and lightweight items
  • Compatible with Lassco Wizer CR-20, CR-50B, CR-50, CR-50P and CR-50XP Corner Rounders
  • Can cut through up to 1/2" thick stacks
  • Radius: 3/32"
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The Lassco Cornerounder® CR-50 is a manual floor standing cornering machine that, when paired with these hardened steel dies, can cut through paper, plastics, fabrics and many other materials up to 1/2" thick stacks. Adding additional dies to your inventory will allow you to create more variety in the corner rounding radius sizes, making corners barely rounded with a 1/16" die, or very widely rounded with a 1 ½" die. Whatever you choose, stocking different CR-50 die sizes allows for more versatility that can lead to more order potential and a more streamlined finished look.


Manufacturer Lassco Wizer
Capacity* 1/2" Cutting Capacity** [Sizes 1/16" to 5/8"]
1/8" Cutting Capacity** [Sizes 3/4" to 1 ½"]
Quantity 1 Piece
Compatible Equipment Lassco Cornerounder® CR-50 Manual Floor Standing Corner Rounder
Product Type Dies & Knives
Shipping Weight (lbs) 1


Lassco Cornerounder® CR-50 Dies & Accessories

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