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Keencut Ultimat Gold Mat Board Cutters

Item #: 05KCMBC-GRP

The Ultimat Gold mat board cutter is a must-have cutting tool for any photo studio or graphics shop that needs to cut through up to 1/2" thick mat boards. Built specifically for this industry, it has unique features to make the trimming process easy, smooth, and extremely precise, meeting the demands of the most skilled framers. Aptly named, this cutter as been the "gold" standard in professional mount cutting since 1994. The Ultimat Gold bench mounted mat cutter is extremely tough, yields a precise and square cut, and is exceptionally comfortable to use. The baseboard is extra-wide for stability, and features integral grid markings. It features a cutting head that is adjustable, so you can ensure there is no sideways play, while the production stops guarantee no over and under-cuts. You can also add Ultimat Gold accessories and blades to expand the cutter capabilities. Ready to offer premium cut mat boards to your clients? Buy the Keencut Ultimat Gold mat board cutter online in sizes ranging from 40" to 62" long.

Product Name Price Qty
40" UltiMat Gold Mat Board Cutter Item#04KCMBC61210
48" UltiMat Gold Mat Board Cutter Item#04KCMBC61212
62" UltiMat Gold Mat Board Cutter Item#04KCMBC61214

Product Description


The Ultimat Gold bench mounted mat cutter is tough, precise, built to last and exceptionally comfortable to use. It is is a superb bench mounted mat cutter that will deliver top class performance for years and years. The extra wide aluminum baseboard with integral grid markings will not warp, bend or break. The Ultimat Gold Cutter head is fully adjustable to ensure no sideways play and the ingenious production stops guarantee zero overcuts or undercuts. The Ultimat Gold accepts a range of instant fit options to make it the most versatile mat cutter in the world. 

The Ultimat Gold Mat Board Cutter can cut through products up to 1/2" thick. It features a precision cutting head, a unique "clip on" margin guide, a unique sliding gauge, a roller "lift and hold" system, and patented micro stop adjusters. Its unique sliding gauge pin-points the blade entry and exit spot for exact, free hand cutting. The unique patented micro stop adjusters fitted to the “Start of Cut”, “Finish of Cut” and “Margin Guide” stops allow you to dial out overcuts or undercuts in seconds. The Ultimat has space age bearings and slide-away feature with silent-glide action. The roller “lift and hold” system raises or lowers the cutter bar and frees both hands. The precision cutting head has a sculpted shape for comfort and features ball and thrust bearings for superb precision. The bevel head has an ejector for quick blade changing and the vertical head can be locked in position to allow easy cutting of the thickest boards. The “clip on” margin guide and squaring arm allows for easy removal when not in use. Re-fitting is simple, no tools are required and re-alignment is assured. The maximum margin width is 7.5”. 


Item # 05KCMBC-GRP
Manufacturer Keencut
Manufacturer Part Number ULTIMAGRP
Brand Name 61210, 61212, 61214
Operating Method Manual
Compatible Supplies Ultimat Gold & Ultimat Futura Accessories
Manufacturer's Warranty 5 Year Limited
20 Year Limited on Bearings
Product Type Cutter
Cutter Capacity 1/2" Thick Stack
Can Cut Materials Mat Boards
Maximum Cutting Depth 7 ½"

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