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James Burn EX380 High Speed Automatic Punching Machine

Item #: 04JBEX380 + 04JBEX380CON

Sorry, this item has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

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Product Description


The James Burn EX380 High Speed Automatic Punching Machine punches up to one million sheets of 8-1/2" x 11" paper in just an 8 hour shift. Running at up to 8,400 cycles per hour, it is the fastest punch on the market. With a maximum punching width of 15", the EX380 will punch an incredible variety of holes for Wire-O®, Plastic Coil, Spiral Wire, VeloBind®, Plastic Comb, or 3 hole for loose leaf document finishing, and has the power to punch virtually any type of stock and material. The EX380 also punches pre-printed collated documents with or without mixed stocks.

There is also an optional attachment to punch tabs collated into finished sets. The tabs must have a minimum of 1/4" shoulder. For larger width applications the EX610 High Speed Automatic Punch can handle widths up to 24".

Features and Benefits:

  • Maximizes productivity at up to 8,400 cycles/hour, at up to 20 sheets of 60# offset.
  • Will handle a sheet sizes from a 4 1/4" (punched edge) x 3 7/8" (non-punched edge) to a max size of 15" x 15". 
  • Allows you to punch tabbed stock pre-collated into the book. Tabs must have a minimum of 1/4" shoulders. For larger width applications the EX610 Auto Punch will handle widths up to 24" 
  • Reduces the minimum unbound edge to 5 1/4".
  • Punches virtually any type of stock and material for practically any application.
  • Continuous paper loading speeds productivity without stopping the machine.
  • Automatic sheet alignment with micro adjustment. One-direction, one-level continuous sheet control.
  • Heavy Duty Steel Dies that feature guide posts for perfect alignment, quick pin access, and flanged holes to help clear out waste and add longer life.
  • Turnover Drum that keeps pre-collated document pages in perfect order.
  • Easy to use, fast and simple to setup and operate.
  • Continuous loading top feed trays speed up productivity without stopping the machine.
  • Separator Beak separates lifts of paper, even thicker stocks, without damaging the edge.
  • Heavy duty tempered steel die changes are quick and easy.
  • A wide range of die patterns including: 3:1 & 2:1 Wire-O®; 4:1 UniCoil® plastic coil; plastic comb; Velobind®; 2, 3, & 4 ring binder; spiral; etc.

Optional Features:

  • Optional Tabbing Device for punching tabbed sheets. Tabs must have 1/4" shoulder.
  • Choose between two delivery options. A variable speed conveyor for continuous delivery, shingles sheets as they exit the turnover drum and conveys them out to the operator. Or a high pile delivery neatly stacks and continuously jogs the paper and automatically recedes to allow your operator to concentrate on loading the paper feeder. Automatically stops when full.
  • An Air Blow option provides a blast of air to separate the picked lift from the stack. Helpful for stocks or environments where static is a common problem. Includes air lines only - air compressor not included.


Item # 04JBEX380 + 04JBEX380CON
Manufacturer James Burn
Suggested User Industrial
Binding Style Multiple Binding Styles
Operation: Punching Electric
Power Voltage 220v / three phase / 60 Hz / 20A
Speed Up to 8,400 Cycles/ Hour
Dimensions 55” H x 93” W x 41” D
Sheet Size Minimum: 4-1/4" (Punched Edge) x 3-7/8" (Non-Punched Edge) - Maximum: 15" x 15"
Punch & Bind Capability Punch Only
Maximum Binding Edge 15"
Shipping Weight (lbs) 1298

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