Graphic Rulers & Line Gauges

With our quality selection of graphic rulers, line gauges, center finders, and straight edge tools, you can measure and place graphics of all kinds perfectly, no matter your specific needs. With measurement scales available in inch, point, pica, agate, and metric, there are no limits to your application. Gaebel, Keencut, and Lithco are high quality brands, so you get the best graphic rulers and most accurate line gauges on the market.

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Rulers & Line Gauges

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  1. Style 612 Gaebel Stainless Steel Line Gauges & Typographic Rulers (Many Sizes)

    • Popular measuring and reference tool for printing companies, pressrooms, and artists.
    • Made of a flexible, but durable and corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
    • Has a rounded bottom edge.
    • Mushroom-shaped top edge that features a hole.

    Starting at: $9.50

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  2. Keencut Steel-Tip Straight Edge & Safety Ruler

    • Lightweight anodized aluminum frame.
    • Embedded steel edge for lasting accuracy.
    • Two full-length silicone grip cords to protect and clamp your materials.
    • Feature steel cutting edges that reduce wear and offer extreme accuracy.

    Starting at: $69.75

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    Keencut 24" Safety Straight Edge [24 ½" x 2 ⅞" x 1 ⅝"]04KCSAFE24
  3. Gaebel Printer Rulers

    • Made of stainless steel.
    • Feature engraved graduations and markings for improved accuracy, time and time again.
    • Corrosion-resistant for durability and a long life.
    • Size: 12", 18", 24" or 36"

    Starting at: $11.50

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  4. Gaebel Cork-Backed Rulers

    • Made of staineless steel.
    • Feature etched graduations and markings that ensure scale accuracy.
    • Heavy duty and are built to last.
    • Start and finish of the scales are indented from the ends, in both inch and metric scales.

    Starting at: $7.25

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  5. Style 614-B Gaebel Stainless Steel Line Gauge & Typographic Ruler (12")

    • Material: Flexible Stainless Steel
    • Inches Measurement Range: up to 12"
    • PT. Measurement Range: (5pt: up to 174, 7pt : up to 124, 9pt : up to 96, 11pt : up to 80)
    • Hanging Hole: Yes (1/4")


5 Items

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