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Style 614-B Gaebel Stainless Steel Line Gauge & Typographic Ruler (12")

Item #: 05LIAHG614B12

Whether you work at a print shop where graphic arts and typography are a daily job, or just need a convenient and durable measuring tool, then these Gaebel stainless steel rulers are a great choice. These Gaebel style 614-B line gauges feature six total units of measure per ruler; three on each side. On one side you have 9 pt. (up to 96) and 11 pt. (up to 80) on the outside, and inches (up to 12") in the center. And on the other side you have 5 pt. (up to 174) and 7 pt. (up to 124) on the outside, and inches (up to 12") in the center. This ruler is sometimes called the "point pal" and is made in the USA by Gaebel, so you know you are buying a quality printers ruler. This flexible, corrosion-resistant stainless steel ruler has a rounded bottom edge, and a mushroom-shaped top edge that features a hole that can be used for hanging and storage. If this sounds like an essential tool for you, buy Style 614-B Gaebel line gauges online today.

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Qty/Pack : 1 Ruler

Product Description


With Gaebel Style 614-B line gauge, you can measure typography and more easily, simply, and conveniently. There are three units of measure, for a total of 6 measuring opportunities. In the center of both sides is inch measurements up to 12". On one side, the left edge has 9 pt. measurements up to 96 pts., while the right edge has 11 pt. up to 80 pts. On the second side, the left edge has 5 pt. up to 174 pts., and the right edge has 7 pt. up to 124 pts. Also called the "point pal", this ruler is made in the USA of a flexible stainless steel that is corrosion-resistant, and is easily wiped or polished clean. Perfect for print shops, newsrooms, graphic designers, and more, buy a Style 614B stainless steel Gaebel ruler online today.

   • Inches (in. / "): Standard unit of measure in the USA.
   • Points (pt.): Used in typography to indicate the size of text, space between lines, and column width and depth. 1 point is equal to 0.013836 inches and is rounded up, when necessary. Typographers may use it in a format of points/leading, for example, ⁷/₁₂ indicating 7 points with a 12 point leading.

Gaebel Ruler StyleLength (Inches)Side 1 UOMMeasurement RangeSide 2 UOMMeasurement RangeItem#
  Style 614-B      12" 5 Pt. up to 174 Pts. 9 Pt. up to 96 Pts. 05LIAHG614B12
7 Pt. up to 124 Pts. 11 Pt. up to 80 Pts.
Inches up to 12" Inches up to 12"


Item # 05LIAHG614B12
Manufacturer Part Number 614-B
Quantity 1 Ruler
Size 12"
Material Flexible Stainless Steel
Side 1 Unit(s) of Measure 5 Pt. / Inches / 7 Pt.
Side 2 Unit(s) of Measure 9 Pt. / Inches / 11 Pt.
Inches Measurement Range up to 12"
PT. Measurement Range 5pt : up to 174, 7pt : up to 124, 9pt : up to 96, 11pt : up to 80
Hanging Hole Yes (1/4")

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