James Burn Stands & Accessories

Binding101 provides a variety of James Burn accessories for a print shop or business. Find specially designed stands for specific James Burn machines, r unique accessory machines to assist with the binding process. We also offer express die sharpening service to keep your punch dies at peak performance. Want to speak to a James Burn specialist about your equipment needs? Give us a call at (866)537-2244 and we can connect you to our expert partner staff.

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Stands & Accessories

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  1. Mobile Stand for James Burn DocuPunch MINI

    • Comfortable and stable working height of 54".
    • Heavy duty rolling and locking castors.
    • Dimensions: 35" D x 21" W x 27" H
    • Compatible Equipment: James Burn DocuPunch MINI Automatic Punch


  2. SnakeSkin™ Wire-O® Delivery System

    • Increases Productivity up to 15%
    • One box of SnakeSkin Wire-O holds up to 3 times as many loops as a spool depending on size and pitch.
    • No spool changing which saves time while increasing productivity.
    • Quick, consistent and easy set ups.


  3. James Burn Express Die Sharpening Service

    • Extends the life of your current die.
    • Produce perfect holes with smooth edges, displaying quality to your customer.
    • Reduce wear and tear to your expensive equipment, preventing costly potential repairs or replacement.
    • Sharp dies will run faster in your machine.

3 Items

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