ClipsShop Solid Brass Grommets

We have a wide selection of solid brass grommets from ClipsShop in various colors, including brass, antique brass, gun metal, black oxide, silver, and more. These are the best grommets on the market, offering no corrosion or rust. This makes them ideal for long-term applications, such as fashion, indoor, and outdoor displays. Depending on the color, sizes are available from tiny #XX00 grommets up to extra large #12 grommets. Most are self-piercing, but some would do better with a hole-cutting and setting die instead. We offer high-quality grommets in a large variety of sizes and colors for your ClipShop grommet press machines. Grommets are a two-piece grommet and washer set that are pressed together using a grommet press machine, creating a bind.


As the global leader in grommet machine and supply manufacturing, ClipsShop offers unmatched durability and unparalleled ease of use. Our decades-long partnership and nearly 90 years in the industry assures the best grommet materials the best service available.

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ClipsShop Solid Brass Grommets
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  1. Product Name Item Number Price Qty
    #0 1/4" Self-Piercing White Grommets (500/Pack) Item#05GROMMET14WT 05GROMMET14WT
    #2 (3/8") Self-Piercing White Grommets (500/Pack) Item#05GROMMET38WT 05GROMMET38WT
  2. Product Name Item Number Price Qty
    #12 (1 ½") Satin Nickel Grommets (25/Pack) Item#05GROMMET112SN 05GROMMET112SN
  3. Product Name Item Number Price Qty
    #12 (1 ½") Copper Oxide Grommets (25/Pack) Item#05GROMMET112CO 05GROMMET112CO
  4. #12 Grommet Hand-Setting Tool Kit (For 1 ½" ClipsShop Grommets)

    • Easily lets you hand-set extra large 1-1/2" grommets
    • Includes: Hole cutting die, grommet setting die, poly board, and 100 grommets
    • Choose your color of included #12 grommets
    • Economical solution to expensive grommeting machines

    Starting at: $257.19

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  5. Product Name Item Number Price Qty
    #12 (1 ½") Satin Brass Grommets (25/Pack) Item#05GROMMET112SB 05GROMMET112SB
  6. Product Name Item Number Price Qty
    #12 (1 ½") Gun Metal Grommets (25/Pack) Item#05GROMMET112GM 05GROMMET112GM

10 Items

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