Coverbind Agility Eco-Friendly Side-Staple Covers with FREE Stapler
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Coverbind Agility Eco-Friendly Side-Staple Covers with FREE Stapler

Brand: Coverbind
  • Eco-friendly alternative to traditional presentation bindings
  • Covers hold up to 15 sheets*
  • Perfect for schools, presentations, sales reports, scripts and more
  • Kit includes 30 covers & 1 flat-clinch stapler
  • 85+ Years Experience
  • Free Shipping $75+
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Make presentations and school reports easier than ever before with the Agility Side-Staple report covers from Coverbind. These covers provide a fast, no-machine binding solution for on-demand school reports, presentation materials, and much more. Just place up to 15 sheets* into your cover and use the included flat-clinch stapler to staple each of the tabs on the edge. That's it! In 5 seconds, flat, you have a professional, eco-friendly presentation solution. The front cover is matte clear, allowing you to show off a cover page without glare, while the spine and back are made of a strong, black textured linen.


Manufacturer Coverbind
Cover Color Black Spine & Back Cover with Clear Front Cover
Cover Front 7 Mil Clear Matte
Cover Back & Spine 80# Black Linen Weave
Capacity 15 Sheets*
Document Size Letter Size, 8.5" W x 11" H
Stapler Color White
Kit Includes 30 Agility Covers, 1 Max HD-10FL Stapler


Creating presentations on-demand can be a challenge for businesses. Punch-and-bind solutions can be time consuming, not to mention the machines are sometimes complicated to use. Coverbind has designed the perfect solution for this problem with their Agility wrap-around covers. These innovative covers seem simple on the surface, but pack quite a punch when it comes to ease-of-use, efficiency, quality, and functionality.

First off, they are very easy to use! Just three steps and, in seconds, you have a professional presentation that you can use for school, work, or even just personal filing. Agility covers also feature a 7 mil clear matte front cover that allows you to create a cover page and easily show it through, without the glare that comes from a glossy finish. The spine and back are made of an 80# textured linen cover that is strong and durable. You can also find additional Agility cover colors available, such as blue, white, and more. They hold up to about 15 sheets* of paper, depending on the stock you use, making them ideal for smaller presentations.

Included with your kit are 10 of these innovative covers, plus a FREE Max USA HD-10FL flat clinch stapler. The flat clinch stapler is unique, creating a nearly flush staple; there are no more issues with leg curve as found with traditional staplers. This makes it easier to stack, file, and handle reports. It can staple as many as 25 sheets* at a time.

How to Use Agility Covers:

  1. Place your printed pages into the cover
  2. Tap the sheets to straighten them
  3. Staple the two tabs on the spine

Key Benefits:

  • Cut-out tabs mean you don't have to crease your cover to lay flat, keeping the front presentation clean and professional.
  • No machine is required; all you need is a stapler (which is included in this kit).
  • Medium-weight 7mil clear front cover lets you customize your first sheet to show through.
  • Durable linen textured back and spine look professional and add stability.
  • Easy to make and only takes a couple of seconds.

Teachers love Agility covers as an affordable way to store and share information with students and other teachers. Students love using them to present their reports. Businesses love them because they require no machine and can be made in less than 5-seconds. No matter your use, you can find benefit with the Coverbind Agility side-staple covers.


* Based on 20# bond copy paper; will vary depending on stock used.

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