Horizon Cutting Sticks

Get the best replacement sticks for your Standard Horizon paper cutter at Binding101. Our selection includes sticks for a huge variety of Horizon brand cutter models, each of which is made to precise specifications to be a perfect fit. They are made only with top-quality materials; in fact, these Blade Saver® cutting sticks can impressively outlast and out-perform the competition. They are manufactured with a specialty grade of material called Kimoplastic™ that is the most durable, non-abrasive, and cost-effective material designed for paper cutting, and can outlast even the OEM sticks. They are high-performance tools that come in a couple of different make-ups, (depending on your cutter) including standard, premium, heavy-duty, or herculite™. Most are sold in a pack of 12 sticks, so you can be stocked up to change them out whenever needed, without the lead time.


A cutting stick is a very affordable, but essential part of your cutting process. It acts as the pad that your blade contacts at the bottom of your stack. Not only does it protect the blade from damage, helping it remain sharp for longer, but it also ensures that every page down to the last one is cut perfectly and cleanly. A worn-out cutter stick will affect your finished quality, so keep a couple of extra on-hand for quick replacement whenever you need it. Cutter sticks are typically very easy to change-out, making them the perfect solution for your operators and mechanics of all levels.


To shop, just choose the Horizon cutter model you have below to see the available cutting sticks. If you don't see the Horizon cutter model you have, give us a call at (866) 537-2244 or send us an email to info@buy101.com so we can quote it for you.

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12 Items

12 Items