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Grommets (Price per Pack)


Our grommets are made of solid brass and will not rust. These quality brass grommets come in a large variety of sizes and colors for ClipShop grommet press machines. Smaller size grommets from #XX00 through #5.5 are self-piercing grommets, giving you the ability to punch the hole and set the grommet in one simple step when paired with the proper grommet die. Larger grommet sizes, including #7.5, #8.5 and #12, are not self-piercing and require a hole punch die and a setting die. They also come in several colors including the popular brass, an antiqued brass for a rustic look, a nickel silver, and a black oxide that is close to a dark charcoal. Some select sizes are also available in more unique colors, such as satin nickel, satin brass, gun metal, copper oxide, and white. Buy grommets online for a quality product.

Note: Grommets are compatible with ClipShop brand dies and grommet press machines. Not all sizes are compatible with all models. View our machine selection and the compatible grommets in the description below.

Starting at: $19.25

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Grommet FAQs

Q: How do "black oxide" and "gun metal" compare?
Black oxide is often compared to a deep charcoal color. Gun metal is also a dark charcoal color, but has a mild brass tone. All of our grommets are finished with a natural process that makes each one slightly unique in color.


Q: What color grommets come in what sizes?

Grommet Color Sizes Available
Nickel All Sizes
Satin Nickel #12 Only
Brass All Sizes
Satin Brass #12 Only
Antique Brass All Sizes
White #0 & #2 Only
Black Oxide All Sizes
Gun Metal #12 Only
Copper Oxide #12 Only


Packaged Quantities

Grommet Size Qty / Pack
#XX00 to #5.5 500 Sets / Pk
#7.5 to #8.5 100 Sets / Pk
#12 25 Sets / Pk

Product Description


We offer high-quality grommets in a large variety of sizes and colors for your ClipShop grommet press machines. Grommets are a two-piece grommet and washer set that are pressed together using a grommet press machine, creating a bind. Most sizes are self-piercing, meaning they are sharp enough to punch through your material and set in the same step. If you are using larger grommets, or a thicker material, then the grommet setting process will be two-steps as you will need to punch the hole before setting the grommet. Use grommets for crafting, fashion design, creative book binding, home decor, fabric displays and so much more.

Our grommets have a solid reputation as one of the highest quality lines in the market. Made of solid brass, our grommets will not rust with exposure to outdoor elements. For most assertive fashion designs or for heavy duty industrial applications, our grommets and washers will get the job done for an attractive and durable finish.

Compatible ClipsShop Grommet Press Machines

Not all grommets are compatible with all machines. ClipsShop grommets are proprietary and only compatible with particular ClipsShop grommet presses. Check the below chart for compatibility and note that once a die is ordered, opened or used, grommets cannot be returned (return policy). Call (866)537-2244 if you have any questions.

#XX00 (1/8")  
#X00 (11/64")  
#00 (3/16")  
#0 (1/4")  
#1 (5/16")
#2 (3/8")
#3 (7/16")  
#5.5 (11/16")    
#7.5 (1")          
#8.5 (1 ")          
#12 (1 ½")          


Manufacturer ClipsShop
Manufacturer Part Number GROMMETS CFG
Compatible Equipment Varies Depending on Grommet
Check the Compatibility Chart in the Product Description
Material Solid Brass
Product Type Grommets
Self-Piercing Yes [Sizes #XX00 to #5.5]
No [Sizes #7.5 to #12]

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