Adjustable Work Table for ClipsShop CSTIDY Grommet Presses
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Adjustable Work Table for ClipsShop CSTIDY Grommet Presses

  • Designed specifically for the CSTIDY units and offers a much more stable and convenient place for your grommeting needs.
  • Table has an adjustable height, which means you can set it from 25" to 33" for whatever best suits your operators.
  • Overall Dimensions: Overall: 23 3/4" W x 11 3/4" D x 25"-33" H
  • Assembly Required: Yes [Tools Not Included]
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This stand and worktable was specifically designed to be paired with the popular ClipsShop CSTIDY-41 or ClipsShop CSTIDY-51 grommet press offers a perfect workstation for anyone in your shop with the adjustable height and built-in supply compartments. Not just a plain table, this heavy duty ClipsShop work table allows you to actually mount your CSTIDY to it at your choice of 4 different recessed heights, providing the most stable and strong surface possible, which lends to a cleaner and more precise grommet placement through your material. Embedded containers let you have grommets and washers at hands-reach at all times, and a mounting bar at the base gives you the option to stabilize the foot pedal*. Offering the perfect combination of stability, strength, and ergonomics, the adjustable work table for the CSTIDY grommet press machine can add efficiency to your office, and a more comfortable working experience for your users.


Manufacturer Part Number8680211760508
DimensionsOverall: 23 ¾" W x 11 ¾" D x 25"-33" H
Table Surface: 23 ¾" W x 11 ¾" D
Containers: 4" W x 4 ¾" L x 1 ¾" D
Footprint: 23 ¾" W x 11 ¾"
Assembly RequiredYes [Tools Not Included]
Tools Needed for AssemblyScrewdriver (Phillips), Crescent Wrench (12mm), Crescent Wrench (17mm)
Compatible EquipmentClipsShop CSTIDY-41 Grommet Press
ClipsShop CSTIDY-51 Grommet Press
Product Weight (lbs)27.5
Shipping Weight (lbs)30


While some users choose to place their ClipsShop CSTIDY-41 or CSTIDY-51 grommet press on their own work tables, this unique work table was designed specifically for the CSTIDY units and offers a much more stable and convenient place for your grommeting needs. For one, the table has an adjustable height, which means you can set it from 25" to 33" for whatever best suits your operators. This can greatly reduce strain and frustration for your staff.

In addition to that ergonomic benefit, the fact that your CSTIDY press is physically mounted to the table offer a stability and strength unmatched by any other alternative. Mounting your unit is quick and simple, and dismounting is just as simple. This mounting capability goes even further to offer 4 different set depths, giving you the ability to choose whatever works best for your team. The deepest option brings the grommet surface of your machine level to the tabletop for the easiest and smoothest movement of your materials through the process.

The table surface also features two storage containers that allow you to have easy access to your grommets and washers, or any other accessory you may need, within arms reach. If you have the CSTIDY version with the foot pedal*, you also have the option to mount your foot pedal anywhere on the base bar for left foot, right foot, or center-use.


    • Adjustable Height -- The ability to change the height of the tabletop from 25" to 33" lets you set it up for any user you may have, short or tall. Having a properly placed grommet press machine will alleviate strain and body stress from working from a height that is not optimum. Easily change the height for different users with the telescoping legs.
    • Recessed Table Surface -- The recessed table gives your machine stable placement to help keep it firmly in place. You can choose to place your machine fully recessed so the grommet attachment surface is flush with your table, or set it as deep as three other positioning options for four (4) total choices.
    • Mounting Brackets -- Mounting brackets attach your machine to the table, making it more stable than any other alternative. The more stable your work surface, the more precise your placement of grommets will be.
    • Built-In Container Storage -- Two buckets, one on each side of the table surface, allow for storage of other accessories, such as your grommets on one side and your washers on the other.
    • Foot Pedal Bar -- The base of the table features a slightly tilted installation bar for the foot pedal* of the machine. You can mount it centered, on the right, or on the left. You can also choose to not mount the foot pedal at all; this versatility lets you choose what works best for your workers and environment.
    • Leveling Feet -- The "leveling" feet on this table ensure that the table remains straight and level.

    *The CSTIDY-41 comes in three different versions, some of which do not come standard with the foot pedal activation option. Visit the CSTIDY-41 page for more information.

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