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ClipsShop Grommet Dies


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ClipsShop grommet dies come in a large variety of sizes, featuring holes as small as 1/8" (#XX00) and as large as 1-1/2" (#12). Manufactured with precision using a combination of metals, including stainless steel, our grommeting die tools are very durable and capable of going through a variety of popular materials including banner vinyl, paper, laminate film, fabrics and more. Expand your grommeting capabilities, buy ClipsShop grommet dies online.

Note: The grommet die size must match the grommet size that you are using. For example, #2 3/8" grommets are only compatible with the #2 3/8" die. Also note that ClipsShop dies are only compatible with select ClipsShop grommet presses. Check the below chart for compatibility and note that once a die is ordered, opened, & used, it cannot be returned (return policy).

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Qty/Pack : 1 Die

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Grommet Die FAQs

Q: Do you have hole cutting dies for the smaller sizes or are they only self-piercing?
Yes, we offer hole cutting and self-piercing dies in sizes #XX00 through #5.5. Self-piercing dies will accomplish the hole punch and grommet set actions in one step, however, if you are working with a tough material, then call us at (866)537-2244 for a price on a hole cutting die.


Q: Do you have self-piercing dies for the larger sizes?
No, the larger dies (including #7.5, #8.5, and #12) can only be used in the two-step process using a hole cutting die, and then a grommet setting die.

Product Description

These grommet dies are made by ClipsShop and are compatible with several different ClipsShop grommet press machines* (see chart below). The smaller sizes from #XX00 up to #5.5 are self-piercing, so you are able to cut a hole through your material and set a grommet in one step**. The larger sizes from #7.5 to #12, however, require a hole cutter die and a grommet setting die. These grommet die tools are made of a durable stainless steel and are built to go through a variety of materials including banner vinyls, paper, laminates, fabrics, leathers, and much more. 

Be sure that you have one grommet die for each different size of grommet you are using, as they are only compatible with their corresponding grommet sizes. For example, a #3 (7/16") grommet die will only work with the #3 (7/16") grommets. If you need to do both #3 and #2 grommets, then you will need to buy ClipsShop grommet dies for both. But don't worry, die change out is simple and fast for most machines, so switching from size to size is easy.


  Die Size     Compatible ClipsShop Grommet Press Machines*
    CSTEP-1     CSTEP-2     CSTON-1     CSBUR-1     CSPIC-2     CSPIC-3  
  #XX00  (1/8")      ✓
  #X00  (11/64")      ✓
  #00  (3/16")      ✓
  #0  (1/4")      ✓
  #1  (5/16")      ✓
  #2  (3/8")      ✓
  #3  (7/16")      ✓
  #5.5  (11/16")          ✓
  #7.5  (1")        
  #8.5  (1 ")        
  #12  (1 ½")        


* Not all grommet dies are compatible with all machines. ClipsShop dies are proprietary and only compatible with particular ClipsShop grommet presses. Check the above chart for compatibility and note that once a die is ordered, opened and used, it cannot be returned (return policy). Call (866)537-2244 if you have any questions.

** Results may vary depending on the material being grommetted. Hole cutting prior to grommet setting may still be required for tough materials.


Manufacturer ClipsShop
Quantity 1 Die
Compatible Equipment Varies Depending on Size
[Check Compatibility Chart in Description]
Material Stainless Steel
Product Type Grommet Dies
Shipping Weight (lbs) 0

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