Fastback® CP Strip™ [Narrow, 11"] (375 Pk) Item#56FBCPNWHT
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Fastback® CP Strip™ [Narrow, 11"] (375 Pk) Item#56FBCPNWHT

Item #: 56FBCPNWHT
Brand: Fastback
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  • Compatible with: Fastback Model 20
  • "CP" strips ideal for "coated paper"
  • Choose from narrow of medium widths, 11" long
  • Capacity: Narrow: 3-60 Sheets [3/10" Thick], Medium: 60-125 Sheets [1/2" Thick]
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Fastback® CP Strip™ [Medium, 11"] (300 Pk) Item#56FBCPMWHT56FBCPMWHT


Fastback® CP Strips™ are a specialty binding strip created by Powis Parker to bind especially difficult to work with papers, including smooth and glossy stocks*. Standard Super Strips™ will normally not work well with these papers, as the adhesive is not formulated properly to hold tight onto the coated stock. CP Strips™ (stands for "coated paper"), however, have a unique adhesive that clings securely to these special papers and creates a strong bind to about 75% of the coated and glossy papers on the market. Compatible with the Fastback® Model 20 binding machine, these tape binding strips are also ideal for binding pages that have been printed with a color laser printer.
You can buy Fastback® CP Strips™ for your Model 20 online in either narrow or medium widths (note that, when it comes to CP strips, the capacity is not the same as other binding strips). Narrow CP strips will bind up to about 60 sheets of standard 20 lb. copy paper, or about a 3/10" book, while medium strips will bind between 60 to 125 sheets, or about a 3/10" and 1/2" thick books. Tape binding strips are 11" long to work with letter size 8 ½" x 11" papers.


ManufacturerPowis Parker
Manufacturer Part NumberNCP108, MCP108
Brand NameFastback®
QuantityVaries by Size
Compatible EquipmentFastback® 20 Binding Machine
Photobook Work Cell™ System
Fastback 15XS
Fastback Supply TypeCP Strips
Strip CapacityNarrow: 3-60 Sheets* [Up to 3/10" Thick Book]
Medium: 60-125 Sheets* [3/10" to 1/2" Thick Book]
Compatible Sheet Size(s)Letter Size [8 ½" W x 11" H]
Length: Fastback Strips11"


If you love the professional and clean look of Fastback® binding strips, but you work with glossy or coated paper stocks*, then you need to buy CP Strips™ online. They are compatible with the easy to use Fastback® Model 20 binding machine, and will bind up to 1/2" thick books, depending on the spine width that you choose. The "CP" stands for "coated paper", and has worked well with several different kinds of coated stocks. The adhesive is strong, and formulated specially to work with this smooth and slippery stock. They also work well for paper that has been printed with a color laser printer.

You can choose narrow binding strips to bind up to a 3/10" thick book, or up to about 60 sheets of standard copy paper, or you can choose medium binding strips to bind between a 3/10" and 1/2" thick book, or between 60 and 125 sheets. Both widths are 11" long for 8 ½" x 11" paper.

* Binding time required may vary depending on paper stock. On average, CP Strips™ work with about 75% of the coated and glossy paper stocks on the market. Call (866)537-2244 for information on sample testing.
** Sheet capacity may vary depending on paper thickness and type. Approximate capacity listed based on basic 20# bond paper.

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Will these binding strips work with me Fastback 15XS?
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Yes! Your Fastback XS machine is compatible with Super Strips, CP Strips, Perfect Back Strips, and Composition Strips.

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