Fastback Easyback Composition Hard Covers (Pack of 25 Sets)
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Fastback Easyback Composition Hard Covers (Pack of 25 Sets)

Brand: Fastback
  • Compatible with Fastback Model 9 and Model 20 binding machines
  • Letter Size 8.5" W x 11" H
  • Premium Hardcovers in a Composition/Faux Leather
  • Qty. 50 Cover Halves / Box (25 Sets)
  • Free Shipping $75+
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With these Fastback Easyback Hardcovers, you can expand the capabilities of your Model 9 or Model 20* binding system, allowing for the easy binding of hard covers. These rigid covers are wrapped with a premium composition/leatherette material that truly elevates the look and feel of any presentation. Easy back hard covers are built for standard letter size page inserts, measuring 8 ½ inches wide and 11" inches high. Colors are available in a selection of professional colors, including black, dark blue, and maroon.

With Easyback hard cover sheets from Fastback, you can quickly and easily create premium hard cover documents of any kind, without having to invest in a new piece of binding equipment. Easy to use, just place one cover on each side of your stack of paper and bind as you normally would, by inserting the proper size of tape strip (not included) into the machine. You can bind between 2 and 600 pages (300 sheets) with these single-piece hard covers and applicable tape binding strip. With these pre-made hard cover sets and your Fastback binding machine, you can make premium hard covers in just 20 seconds! Easyback hard covers are designed to keep your binding process running smoothly, while expanding your presentation abilities. They are sold in a pack of 50 hard covers, which means you can create 25 hard cover books when used as a set.

Important: Your Fastback 20 must be updated with 2.2 Firmware to run these covers. If you're not sure if your machine meets this requirement, please call us at (866) 537-2244.


ManufacturerFastback (Powis Parker)
Manufacturer Part NumberHJC
Size8.5" W x 11" H (Letter Size, Portrait)
ColorsChoose from Black, White, Dark Blue, or Maroon
MaterialComposition (Faux Leather)
Binding Capacity2-300 Sheets (Depends on Tape Strip Used)
Compatible EquipmentFastback Model 9 Binding Machine
Fastback Model 20 Binding Machine (with 2.2 Firmware Update)
Compatible Supplies & Accessories (Sold Separately)Fastback Tape Binding Strips (Compatibility will Depend on Machine)
Quantity50 Cover Halves / Box (25 Sets)


For many years, Fastback has been known as one of the easiest and fastest ways to bind pages together with a tape strip. And now, with Easyback Hardcovers, you can use the same Fastback Model 9 or Model 20* binding machine to make hard covers too!

Expand your capabilities with these easy-to-use hard covers. The process is exactly the same as it is with a Fastback bound book; just add the covers to your book block and complete the same steps to bind your document. Pair with the appropriate tape binding strips for your machine, and you're ready to bind. Now you can produce premium composition-style hard covers for the ultimate professional presentation. The leatherette finish is elegant and upscale. Choose from black, dark blue, or maroon.

How to Bind with Easyback Covers

  1. Place an Easyback cover on the front and the back of your book pages
  2. Place your entire book block (with covers) into your machine, press the green button, and insert the proper tape strip size (not included)
  3. Move to the cooling rack and allow to cure completely

Key Features & Benefits of Easyback Covers

  • Compatible with both the Model 9 and Model 20 Fastback Binding Machines
  • Expands your presentation capabilities
  • Create premium hardback bound documents
  • Easy to use
  • Fast to bind (same speed as your machine runs tape strips)
  • Professional and upscale finish
  • Durable and impressive hard covers
  • Ready-to-Bind with Tape Strips (not included)

*Your Fastback 20 must be updated with 2.2 Firmware to run these covers.


Easyback | Bind a hardback book in one easy step

Transcript: Easyback hardcovers enable you to bind a hardback book in one, easy-step—make a hardback book in 20 seconds!
Easyback hardcovers enable you to bind a hardback book in one, easy-step—make a hardback book in 20 seconds!

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