Velo Binding Strips (Box of 100)
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Velo Binding Strips (Box of 100)

Brand: Binding101
  • Professional and look incredibly clean on your finished document.
  • Completely cover up the punched holes, for a smooth look.
  • It is narrow, so does not cover up much of your cover pages, so you have more room to display text and media on your covers.
  • Visible strips are also not very tall.
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With velo binding strips you can create a clean bound book that is tamper-proof, and sure to impress. Whether used for your law firm as a way to securely bind legal briefs and documents, or for your business to create a clean and impressive presentation, velobind strips are sure to get the job done. Made of a hard plastic, one velo spine set includes one piece that feature 11 pegs, and a second piece that features 11 corresponding holes. When placed into your hot knife velo binding machine, these spines are melted together, creating a very secure finish that cannot be unbound without a special debinding tool blade. The pegs are available in several different lengths for different capacity books, including 1", 2", or 3" capacities. If you are in-between capacities, choose the larger size; the machine will bind the spines flush to your paper, as it cuts off the excess peg. Choose from several professional colors, including black, white, blue, maroon, or green velo binding strips, as well as 8 ½", 11", and 14" lengths in select colors, each packaged with 100 per box.


Manufacturer Spiral
Manufacturer Part Number VELOBINDING GRP
Compatible Equipment Hot Knife Velo Binding Machines
Binding Style Velo Binding
Sheet Size Available for:
8 ½" Sheets (Top-Bind / Half Size)
11" Sheets (Letter Size)
14" Sheets (Legal Size)
Pitch / Hole Pattern 11 Hole Velo Binding


Velo binding strips are a popular solution for law firms that bind legal briefs, depositions, contracts, and much more. They are the ideal legal binding solution because they offer an extremely secure finish that is actually melted closed, making it very difficult to take apart. A strip with 11 pegs (for an 11" edge) is placed into a strip with 11 corresponding holes. When placed into a hot knife velo binding machine, the pegs are cut flush against your book, and melted into the holes. They can be removed to make modifications to your legal documents using the debinding tool, however, they will have to be re-bound using an entire new velo strip. This security is why many people refer to them as legal binding spines.

Though most popular for law firms and legal binding requirements, velo binding strips are also a great solution for businesses of many kinds. In addition to being one of the most secure book binding methods, velobind strips offer a clean and professional finish on the front and back of your book. The strip completely covers the punched holes, and comes in a selection of popular corporate colors, including black, white, maroon, dark blue, and dark green. It is narrow, so does not cover up much of your cover pages, so you have more room to display text and media on your covers. The visible strips are also not very tall, so documents can be easily stacked, mailed, filed, and more without having to deal with a bulky edge.

Velo binder pieces offers a professional look without staples, glue or chemicals, making it easy to achieve consistently attractive and professional results. Prevent tampering, and create a professional bound document when you buy velo binding strips online at Binding101.

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