Fastback Composition Strips

Composition Strips offer a smooth, premium binding strip that is compatible with the Fastback Model 20 binding machine. The professional colors were chosen to match seamlessly with our standard vinyl cover stock, offering a consistent and clean appearance when paired together. The colors available include black, white, maroon, dark blue, and red. As with the other Fastback binding supply strips, the Composition Strip offers an easy and quick binding solution, that looks extremely professional. The pre-applied adhesive on the strips is activated by the Model 20, and creates a nearly flush attachment to your covers and book block, as well as an extremely strong bind that will hold up, even to heavy handling. Fastback Composition Strips are available for your letter size 8.5" x 11" documents. They are also available in several different widths to accommodate thin books (use narrow strips, up to 1/2" books), medium books (use medium, up to 1" books), and thick books (use wide strips, up to 1 ½" books).

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Composition Strips

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  1. Dark Blue 11" Medium Powis Parker Fastback Comp Strips - MA110

    • Capacity: 125-250 pages, 1/2"-1"
    • Length: 11"
    • Color: Dark Blue
    • Width: Medium


  2. White 11" Narrow Powis Parker Fastback Composition Strips - NA108

    • Capacity: 10-125 pages, 1/2"
    • Length: 11"
    • Color: White
    • Width: Narrow


  3. Dark Blue Fastback® Composition Strip™ [Medium, 11"] (400 Pk)

    • One of the most professional looking tape binding solutions on the market.
    • Made of a smooth leather-like material.
    • Elevates your bound document to a new level.
    • Create a nearly flush bind, which is not bulky at all, and great for filing and mailing.


3 Items

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