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Fastback® Perfectback™ TA Temperature Activated Strips for Model 20 (Price per Case)


The collection of Fastback® Perfectback™ binding strips are unique, in that they allow you to use your own custom wrap-around cover without any specialty perfect binding equipment. Instead, just pair with your Model 20 tape binding machine. These particular tape binding strips are called Perfectback™ TA strips, which stands for "temperature activated", meaning that the adhesive on them is activated by the heat of your machine. Because these book strips require heat, it is not recommended for heat-sensitive covers or documents. Your cover is bound securely to the spine of your book block when you buy Fastback® Perfectback™ TA strips online. Perfect back strips are available in either narrow, medium, or wide strip widths for different capacity books, and are 11" long for standard letter size paper.

Product Name Price Qty
Fastback® Perfectback™ TA Strip [Narrow, 11"] (500 Pk) Item#56FBPBTAN
Fastback® Perfectback™ TA Strip [Medium, 11"] (400 Pk) Item#56FBPBTAM
Fastback® Perfectback™ TA Strip [Wide, 11"] (300 Pk) Item#56FBPBTAW

Packaged Quantities

Strip SizeCapacity*Qty / Box
Narrow 3-60 Sheets
[Up to 3/10" Thick]
500 Strips
Medium 60-125 Sheets
[3/10" to 1/2" Thick]
400 Strips
Wide 251-350 Sheets
[1" to 1 ½" Thick]
300 Strips

Product Description


Fastback® Perfectback™ TA Strips use a heat activated adhesive to bind the book block to the cover, the same adhesive used to bind the book block ("TA" stands for "temperature activated"). The final step is done in your Fastback® 20 machine, permanently attaching the spine of the book block to the cover. Covers using heat-sensitive inks, or digitally printed covers are not recommended for this product. The TA strip is the quickest way to create a durably bound book.

The Fastback® Perfectback™ binding strips let you create perfect bound books (also called soft cover binding) using your Fastback® Model 20 binding machine. Use your own custom wrap-around covers to create the exact look you want, without compromise. Covers can be offset, ink-jet, or laser printed.


Manufacturer Powis Parker
Manufacturer Part Number N1P1, M1P1, W1P1
Brand Name Fastback®
Quantity Varies by Size
Compatible Equipment Fastback® 20 Binding Machine
Binding Style Fastback® Thermal Tape Binding
Length 11"
Fastback Supply Type Perfectback Strips
Strip Capacity Narrow: 3 - 125 Sheets* [Up to 1/2" Thick Book]
Medium: 126 - 250 Sheets* [1/2" to 1" Thick Book]
Wide: 251 - 350 Sheets* [1" to 1 ½" Thick Book]
Compatible Sheet Size(s) Letter Size [8 ½" W x 11" H]

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