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Custom Poly / Plastic Ring Binders


55 Gauge Royal Blue Poly with 1 Color Printing (Yellow)
Half Size Black Poly Binder with 2 Color Printing | Dave & Busters Printed Binder
4 Color Process White Poly Binder
Stale Tint Polypropylene Binder with 1 Color Printing + 1 Half-Tone
35 Gauge Clear Poly Custom Binder with 2 Color Printing + Reverse Half-Tone
55 Gauge Natural Poly with 1 Color Half-Tone & 2 Gold Foil Stamps
55 Gauge Natural Poly with 1 Color Printing
1CP Custom Poly Binders, Unique Sheet Sizes
Custom Poly Ring Binder Color Swatch
Poly Binder Thicknesses
Types of Custom Printing for Custom Poly Plastic Binders
Custom Binder Sheet Sizes & Ring Options
Custom Royal Blue Poly Binder with School Team Logo Printed in Yellow

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Minimum Order Requirement:
100 Binders
(Some options require higher minimums)


Custom poly binders are a very popular choice, especially for schools and churches. The poly material is a eco-friendly plastic that can be made in a variety of thicknesses, from flexible to rigid, as well as a huge selection of colors, including even translucent and tinted colors. There are several reasons why custom plastic binders are so popular: for one, they are inexpensive. The per-piece price of these ring binders is one of our least expensive options, so can fit well into nearly any budget. They are also easy to clean, so getting wet will not damage the material. And they are also very durable, outlasting many other binder types, as the poly resists tearing and cracking, even with heavy use. For a fully customized binder package, request a quote for our custom index tab dividers.

Minimum Order Requirement: 100 Binders
(Some styles require higher minimums)