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XyronPRO XM1255 Laminator Refills

Item #: XM1255-GRP

These Xyron® XM1255 refill cartridges are compatible with the  XyronPRO XM1255 cold laminator. They come in a variety of styles, including adhesive only applications, one-sided laminate and two-sided laminate. They are all pressure-sensitive, so do not use any heat with the XM1255; instead, they are applied to your items with strong, even pressure. This pressure means there is no mess or smell while you laminate, and makes it safe to use with heat-sensitive materials. All XM1255 cartridges are acid-free, so they will protect your items without degrading them. Refill your supply, or try a new application when you buy XyronPRO XM1255 laminator refills online today.

Product Name Price Qty
XM1255 Repositionable Adhesive [12" x 100'] (XyronPRO# AT1256-100) Item#54AT1256100
XM1255 Standard Adhesive [12" x 100'] (XyronPRO# AT1255-100) Item#54AT1255100
XM1255 High Tack Adhesive [12" x 100'] (XyronPRO# AT1251-100) Item#54AT1251100
XM1255 1-Side Laminate, 1-Side Repositionable Adhesive [12" x 100'] (XyronPRO# LAT1256-100) Item#54LAT1256100
XM1255 1-Side Laminate, 1-Side High Tack Adhesive [12" x 100'] (XyronPRO# LAT1251-100) Item#54LAT1251100
XM1255 Single Sided Laminate [12" x 150'] (XyronPRO# 100080) Item#54SSL100080
XM1255 2-Sided Standard Laminate [12" x 150'] (XyronPRO# DL1251-150) Item#54DL1251150

Product Description


These film refills are compatible with the XyronPRO XM1255 12" Cold Laminator. XM1255 film refills are available in several configurations to meet the needs of a variety of applications. These options are all acid-free to protect your items without degrading them.


Item # XM1255-GRP
Manufacturer Xyron®PRO
Quantity 1 Cartridge
Size 12"
Compatible Equipment XyronPRO XM1255 Cold Laminator
Shipping Weight (lbs) 1

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