8 ½" x 11" White Self-Stick Foam Boards [2 Side Adhesive] (10/Bx) Item#80SSFBDS8511
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8 ½" x 11" White Self-Stick Foam Boards [2 Side Adhesive] (10/Bx) Item#80SSFBDS8511

Item #: 80SSFBDS8511
Brand: Binding101
  • Board Type: Adhesive Coated Foam Core Mounting Boards
  • Board Thickness: 3/16"
  • Board Size: 8 1/2" x 11"
  • Quantity: 25 Per Box
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Self Adhesive Mounting Boards feature a pressure sensitive adhesive with a removable liner. Mounting prints, artwork, and photos is easy with these self-stick boards. Simply peel off the liner, exposing the adhesive and press the print onto the board to mount it. You can also use Foam Board Mounting Machines that will supply even pressure over the application for the smoothest finishes, or a brayer hand roller. We recommend using these machines for mounting on large boards. You can buy Self Adhesive Mounting Boards online in a wide variety of sizes in either black or white. Sizes range from 8" x 10" up to 48" x 96".


Shipping InformationBoards up to 32" x 40" ship via UPS
Larger sizes ship via Truck (Common Carrier). It is the responsibility of the Consignee (receiver) to remove the product from the truck. If you do not have a loading dock or any other means to lift the freight off the truck and/or you need assistance bringing the product inside of your location please call (866) 537-2244. Click here for full details.


With self adhesive mounting boards you can create displays quickly and easily, without the need for heat or any required special equipment. Optional mounting machines for cold / pressure sensitive boards are available, and are recommended when working with extra large boards and prints. Otherwise, professional mounting can be accomplished with just one of these self-stick mounting boards, a print of your choice, and a brayer hand roller. It is so simple to mount prints to foam boards with these adhesive foam boards. Just peel pack a corner of the liner, center your print on the board and press it onto the exposed adhesive. Then peel back the rest of the liner while using a hand roller to adhere your print to the board from corner to corner, and center to edges. Using a roller is important to remove the bubbles and help avoid creases.

Self adhesive mounting boards are made of traditional foam core boars, which features a durable but lightweight polystyrene core with with clay coated facing. They are available to buy in a huge selection of sizes from as small as 8" x 10" up to as large as 48" x 96", and in black or white. Some sizes also come with either one-side or two-side adhesive. All boards are the traditional 3/16" thick. They are a popular display solution for photo studios, personal artists, trade show organizers and companies, and so many more.

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