30 Mil Vinyl Magnetic Roll [24 ⅜" x 10'] (1 Roll) Item#17MMWVMR3010
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30 Mil Vinyl Magnetic Roll [24 ⅜" x 10'] (1 Roll) Item#17MMWVMR3010

Item #: 17MMWVMR3010
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  • Feature a white vinyl coating on one side that offers a write-on surface.
  • Magnet Thickness: 12, 15, 20, 30 or 60 Mil
  • 24.375" wide
  • 3 different roll lengths (10 feet, 25 feet or 50 feet).
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Magnetic rolls are popular with schools, universities and other businesses that want to create advertisements, prints and more with magnetic material. Also called magnetic sheeting, these rolls feature a white vinyl coating on one side that offers a write-on surface. It offers a clean and smooth finish that can also be printed on with screen printing inks and lettering enamel. These rolls are all 24 ⅜" wide and available in 10 foot, 25 foot, or 50 foot lengths. Buy vinyl magnetic rolls online in several different thicknesses, offering different strengths and popular applications.
ThicknessPull / Sq FtApplicationsBenefits
12 Mil30 lbs.AdvertisingVery thin, Lightweight,
Low cost
15 Mil40 lbs.AdvertisingThin, Lightweight,
Low cost
20 Mil60 lbs.AdvertisingFairly Thin,
Medium weight
30 Mil85 lbs.Vehicle SignsStrong (up to 65mph)
60 Mil145 lbs.Shelf Labels, SignsVery strong,
thicker profile


ManufacturerMaster Magnetics
Manufacturer Part NumberMAGVIN GRP
Product TypeMagnetic Rolls
Magnet CoatingVinyl
PrintableYes [Screen Printing Inks, Lettering Enamel]
ThicknessVaries [See Chart in Product Description]
Adhesive TypeNo Adhesive
ApplicationsVaries [See Chart in Product Description]
Shipping Weight (lbs)50


Our vinyl coated magnetic rolls are printable with screen printing inks or lettering enamel, and are available in 12 mil, 15 mil, 20 mil, 30 mil and 60 mil thicknesses (see chart below for the lb per square foot pull for each mil thickness and  common applications). Vinyl magnetic sheeting rolls are plain on one side (magnetic size) and feature a white gloss vinyl coating on the other side. Magnet rolls are 24.375" wide and available in three different roll lengths including 10 feet, 25 feet or 50 feet.

Features & Applications

Magnet ThicknessStrength (Pull / Square Foot)Popular ApplicationsBenefits
12 Mil30 lbs.Advertising
Crafts & projects
Very thin
Lightweight / Flexible
Low cost
15 Mil40 lbs.AdvertisingThin
Lightweight / Flexible
Low cost
20 Mil60 lbs.AdvertisingFairly thin
Medium weight
30 Mil85 lbs.Vehicle SignsWon't blow off vehicles up to 65 mph
60 Mil145 lbs.Shelf Labeling / Warehouse Inventory
Indoor & Outdoor Signs
Very high strength,
Thick profile

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Frequent Asked Questions

My nephew bought the. Magnetic roll with the white vinyl on it. I understand from reading that you can screen print on it. My question is can you Sublimate on it? He’s wanting me to make him some signs with it.
Asked by Cheryl Ann
Yes, you can sublimate on the white vinyl coated flexible magnetic material.
Answer by Binding101
Will a 12x12 piece stick to a chain link fence?
Asked by Red Whitmore
Hello Red - Chain link fences may be made of various metals (for example, aluminum or steel), some of which are magnetic and some of which are not. You can check your fence with any magnet you may have in your home/office to see if it will stick. If it works, then our vinyl magnetic material should stick as well.
Answer by Binding101
Would 30 mill work to close off ceiling louvers from the cold in winter? Would another weight work better? Louver is 33" x 32"
Asked by Trudy
Unfortunately, we cannot give you a firm no or yes here. It might work, depending on how much metal the magnet will have to grab onto. Some of the new ceiling louvers are not made of metal and some don't have enough steel content to allow the sheet to attach properly.
Answer by Binding101
Can this vinyl be used for vehicle magnetic signs?
Asked by Sherie
Yes they can. We recommend 30 mil for vehicle signage.
Answer by Binding101
Can you write on this with a Sharpie/permanent marker?
Asked by Dave
Yes, you can use Sharpies and other permanent markers. Keep in mind it will be permanent and cannot be erased.
Answer by Binding101

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