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Twist N' Hook Foam Board Hangers (Pack of 100)


Twist N' Hooks are a popular tool used for hanging and displaying foam boards of all kinds, including foam core and gator board materials. They are easy to use, and are simply twisted into the core of the board on the top hanging edge, just like a screw. The threaded tip holds well to the foam center of mounting boards and offers a secure way to hang. It is thin enough that it won't penetrate through the board facing of standard 3/16" thick boards or anything thicker. There is a hole at the top of the hanger than can either have a nail or screw driven through it to mount directly onto a wall, or can have a cord strung through it to hang to a pole, from the ceiling, and more. ready to display your foam board presentations without taking up floor space or spending a ton on stands? Buy Twist N' Hook foam board hangers online today.

Qty/Pack : 100 Pieces

Twist N' Hook FAQs

Q: How many do I need for my board?
This will depend on the weight and overall size of your board, however, a good starting point is to use one hook for every 12" to 24" of board width, and add more if your board is especially tall or heavy.


Q: What colors are available?
Twist N' Hook hangers come in white.


Product Description


Twist N' Hook hangers offer a fast and affordable mounting board hanging solution for your retail stores, trade shows or conferences, and so much more. They easily twist into the foam core of your boards and can be hung from the ceiling with fishing line or other strings. They work perfectly with standard 3/16" thick foam boards and won't penetrate the board facings when inserted straight. These mounting board hangers offer a small design that doesn't pierce either side of the board, which allows for double-sided board display. Use them to hang promotional signs in your store, or to draw attention to your booth at a trade show. Whatever your application, the Twist N' Hook hangers make a great solution. Just twist in, loop your string of choice through the holes, and hang where desired. It is recommended that you use one hanger for every 12" to 24" of board width, depending on the weight of your board.


Manufacturer Foster
Manufacturer Part Number FM-70906
Quantity 100 Pieces
Size 3/8" W x 5/8" D x 1 ½" H
Color White
Product Type Board Hangers
Board Thickness Minimum: 3/16" Thick Board
Maximum: None
Shipping Weight (lbs) 2

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