Legal Document Binding with Velo Bind for Law Offices

Velo binding is the official way to document bind for the legal industry because of the high security it offers. Velobind uses two plastic pieces that are actually melted together around your document, making it very difficult to unbind your pages, unless using a specialized knife debinder tool, in which case the book would have to be completely re-bound. This strong security means there is no tampering with legal documents, briefs, contracts, or evidence once they are bound together with velo binding. These binding strips are called velobind strips or velo binding supplies. We offer several popular models of velo binding machines for your law office to choose from - from lower volume to higher volume legal binding needs. Document binding with velo has been manufactured specifically to cater to law firms and court reporters, making it easy for you to find exactly what your law office needs without having to rummage through thousands of items.

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Legal Document Binding with Velo Bind for Law Offices

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  1. Velo Binding Strips (Box of 100)

    • Professional and look incredibly clean on your finished document.
    • Completely cover up the punched holes, for a smooth look.
    • It is narrow, so does not cover up much of your cover pages, so you have more room to display text and media on your covers.
    • Visible strips are also not very tall.

    Starting at: $4.46

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  2. Velo Bind Pre-Punched Paper, Letter Size 8.5" x 11" (Case of 5,000)

    • Letter size 8-1/2" x 11" sheets
    • 11-hole (11" edge) or 9-Hole (8-1/2" edge)
    • 20# bond copy stock
    • 5,000 Sheets/Case

    Starting at: $95.59

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  3. GBC® System Three Pro Hot Knife Velo Bind Binding System

    • Punching Capacity: 25 Sheets
    • Up to 3" thick documents in just seconds.
    • Maximum Binding Edge: 8.5" through 14"
    • Pitch / Hole Pattern: 11 Hole Velo Binding


  4. Velo Bind Debinder

    • Used to remove hot knife velo binding strips from bound documents
    • Manual method gets results right away
    • Blade is strong and sharp enough to sever all of the peg connectors on the strip
    • A must tool for Book editing and re-binding


5 Items

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